Sunday, September 4, 2011

Swaggerville??? That Was More Like Suckville!!!!

 (Photo courtesy CFL)

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers should be known as the Winnipeg ACES
E-Extremely Over-rated

The Saskatchewan Roughriders played the way many thought they should have been playing in coming out of the gate and manhandled the team with the best record in the CFL by a score of 27-7 on Sunday to win their 7th straight LDC. Here were the thoughts from the dressing room after starting with a happy Head Coach Ken Miller....

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Make no doubt about it, this team has a long ways to go yet, but they showed everyone that they are more than capable of playing a championship calibre of football. It was the best game they played all year and while Ken Miller said he had very little to do with it, you know he had a lot to do with it. I can only wonder what Greg Marshall and Doug Berry were thinking if they watched this game today.

Here's how the Bombers take defeat. I approached Fred Reid late in the game to see if he would do a post-game interview for the CKRM broadcast. He replied NO. When I asked if he was serious, he called over their PR flak who promptly told me the team wasn't doing any post-game interviews. I questioned that which made him ask who I wanted to talk to. I said Reid to which he said "He isn't talking". I asked then for the always talkative Doug Brown only to be told he isn't interested either and then re-iterated they weren't doing interviews. I'm guessing that had they been up by 20 that it would have been different. Take your football and go home with your tail between your legs much like you have for the past umpteen years.


Mark said...

Poor losers, I guess it shows just how much class they do have.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding effort by all three phases. Great game by Darian, the D and the rookie kicker. The only problem I had was Cates. He's too slow. We need a scatback like Charles out there. I like what I saw today.


Anonymous said...

Who had the swagger today?????

Anonymous said...

Whoever the hell GB is give your head a shake. Wes Cates is worht 35 Hugh Charles'. True the gapes weren't there but the bombers still had to cover it.

Anonymous said...

GB; Were you even at the game? Did you not see Wes picking up those blitzes? Are you Hugh Charles' mother? We need Hugh Charles like we need a pimple on our ass. He had his chance and he played his way off the team. It's Cates and West from here on out. Good bye Hugh, and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

The CFL should fine Lapolice personally for not allowing interviews after a CFL game. That is an absolutely disgraceful and disgusting representation of the CFL.

Anonymous said...

If you had a brain in your mind you would realize the only reason Darion was on his feet half the time was cause Cates was blocking for him, its people that dont realy know the game that cant realize that wes is the best all around back in the game!!! There is just more to a running back then running the ball, ask Durant!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Charles is the answer, and yes, Cates is a good blocker...but part of being a running back is running the ball, and Cates has become a very tentative, mediocre RB. No apparent burst to the hole anymore, and his ability to break tackles looks like it's been replaced by a desire to find a soft place to land. Cates is done, and needs to be replaced next season. Thanks for everything Wes, but high-mileage RB's have a shorter than average career.

Anonymous said...

We need someone younger in there who can block. Wes can block, but he doesn't have that burst anymore. Three yards and a pile of dust just doesn't do it anymore.


Anonymous said...

TSN had interviews with the Bombers. Was it just CKRM that they snubbed?

Anonymous said...

Not hard to see that Durant is much happier without Berry and Marshall around. Jamie Nye has video of him saying we're a different team with a different strategy and that there isn't the negativity in the room anymore. This team will be heard from before the year is over.


Lee-Anne said...

I believe Cates is still a good RB. Winnipeg has the best front four in the league, and I believe they are #1 against the run. There weren't many running lanes to be found against them. If the O-line can create holes, Wes can still find them. He is the best blocking RB in the league, and on the long touchdown pass to Getzlaf, Cates picked up the blitzer allowing Darian 1 more second to get the ball away. He doesn't pick that man up, it's a certain sack, and no TD. In his last game, Charles missed picking up a few blitzes leading up to sacks. They should both be on the roster, West is still young and learning and has a habit of fumbling, as we saw late in the 1st half.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Cates - the problem is he no longer has a fullback (i.e. Chris Szarka) to help clear a path for him. I thought it was stupid when they released him with nobody stepping up to take his role. Who replaced him?

Nobody... Charles (5'8"), Hughes (5'10"), Foord (5'11"), and West (5'9") are all to small to fill in Chris's shoes (6'3"). Cates (6'0") is a giant compared to the rest of these guys. Graeme Bell (5'11") is listed as the fullback and I can't even picture the guy.

This was another one of those budget cuts and they better get Fantuz and Chick back, because we have paid a price on the field. Hamilton you're welcome (Baggs and Mullinder).

Iron Mike