Monday, September 5, 2011

Thoughts The Morning After

I ran into some Winnipeg fans outside the Tim Horton's on Prince of Wales this morning. I told them to have a nice trip back to Saggerville and thanks for comin'. One fan said that's Swaggerville to which I said no its Saggerville because I think you forgot your "W".

A lot of people are surprised at the 20 point margin of victory and I guess I am as well, but I truly expected this football team to play much better yesterday under Ken Miller and they did. Miller has some kind of magic over the men he coaches and it showed in all three phases of the game as this team played the brand of football that we have been waiting for.

Here are some random thoughts from yesterday....

--Once again, there is no better place to be in Canada than Mosaic Stadium on gameday and when the Bombers come to town, there is something extra special.

--Do I need a new place to stand on the sidelines? Two straight games have seen a receiver fall through the sign at my feet. Is the yellow shirt that much of a target?

--As I stepped out of my car, I thought it might be a good idea to grab a sweater so I grabbed one Moments later, Jim Hopson looked at me as I wearing the blue sweater and said what's with the blue and gold? Oops!! The sweater came off before game-time.

--Darian Durant didn't want to talk about the past in the dressing room yesterday and I can understand that, but it wasn't hard to see that he is a different quarterback when he is not shackled by what Doug Berry wanted him to do. Durant was on his game yesterday and showed why he can be one of the elite QB's in this league.

--Jerrell Freeman just gets better and better and better.

--With Luca Congi coming back and Chris Milo kicking the ball alright, have we (I hate to say this) possibly seen the last of Eddie Johnson? Speaking of Eddie, did anyone hear him with Ballsy on the pre-game show doing a Christopher Walken imitation. Outstanding.

--Fred Reid used to be a running back you could be afraid of, but he has been very pedestrian this year and it showed yesterday.

--What team was 7-1 and what team was 1-7?

--Is it true that Carm Carteri and Rory Allan wore the same outfit to Mosaic yesterday. Who'd have guessed that??!!

--With Cary Koch and likely Andy Fantuz playing next week, who goes out. I am guessing James Robinson's days are done, but what about Efrem Hill and the newly acquired Dallas Baker who looked alright yesterday. Its a tough decision, but a good decision.

--Ken Miller indicated former Rider DB Omarr Morgan will be around for a while as a coaching intern. Are we about to see Omarr Morgan--defensive backs coach in Riderville?

--Have the Riders changed their official beer from "Pilsner" to "Miller". They should!

Hey, I'm not about to sit here and say the road has become a lot smoother and I'm not saying the Riders should be considered a Grey Cup favourite after what happened yesterday, but we saw what this team can do and they are only going to get better. The 2nd half will be drastically different than the first.

I'll talk to you on the Sportscage tonight at 5 as I sit in with Rod and whoever.

One last thing---this comes courtesy of CBC's Adam Hunter. ITS OUTSTANDING!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great sign!!! Those should be marketed and sold!

Anonymous said...

I can't see McHenry being on the roster again so everyone should fit should they not. Koch comes on for Robinson and Fantuz for McHenry. Baker and Koch could share time.


Glenn said...

Fantuz doesn't play special teams. If he did, he'd still be in Chi-Town.

Anonymous said...

Tough decisions to make as to who starts at receiver and tough decisions to be made in the kicking game. Have we perhaps seen the last of Eddie Johnson?