Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mosaic Place Opens With A Bang

The Moose Jaw Warriors dropped the curtain on their new home Thursday night and what a home it is. The people in the Band City should be very proud of its new attraction as Mosaic Place is a fantastic facility to watch a hockey game in.

The new rink was showcased across Western Canada Thursday night as SHAW Television broadcast the opening game of the WHL season between the hometown Warriors and the Brandon Wheat Kings and while the Wheat Kings won the game, the wnner of the night was definitely Mosaic Place and the city of Moose Jaw as they have had the first of what should be many exciting nights in the new facility for not only hockey, but whatever else.

Congrats to all those who had this dream and helped get what is an outstanding building to the people of Moose Jaw and area.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, those pics of Mosaic Potash Place in Moose Jaw makes me never want to goto a Pats home game ever again ! Drive 45 mins to MJ for luxury over a stinking agricultural barn in Regina.

Anonymous said...

What a moronic statement about the Agridome. 25-30 years ago when it was built, it was a class one facility. Rinks just keep getting better and better and Mosaic Place is a fine example of that. Compare it to what rinks will look like in 25 years though and it will look antiquated. The Agridome has done great things for Regina and yes, someday it will have to go too, but that time isn't even close.


Anonymous said...

Well you go and enjoy it Gary, I'll go support MJ from now on, well worth my 45 minute drive each way, and fuel costs.

Anonymous said...

Good response Gary! Couldn't agree with ya more. I'll be going to some games in MJ this year too, but I'll be going to more in Regina.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I think this might be the first time Moose Jaw and luxury have been used in same sentence.