Friday, December 30, 2011

25 Years Ago

25 years ago today marks what I think might have been the darkest day in the history of Canadian hockey and perhaps the darkest day in all of hockey until the tragic plane crash in Russia earlier this year. The Swift Current Broncos were en route to Regina to play the Pats when the team's bus left the road and rolled just outside of Swift Current.

Four players--Trent Kresse, Scott Kruger, Brent Ruff and Chris Mantyka--lost their lives that afternoon. The Broncos have retired the numbers of the four men and the WHL names its MVP trophy--the Four Broncos trophy in honor of these young men.

On the 25th anniversary of this tragic accident, the Broncos will be in Regina to play the Pats at the Brandt Centre tonight. Both teams will remember this tragic event in a pre-game ceremony. The puck drops at 7.

I know many of you that read this blog have hockey in your blood and I know you have likely a story or two to tell about getting to this rink or that one in terrible weather conditions. I don't have to tell you what its like.


Kim K said...

Mitch...I remember that night too. I remember watching Friday Night Hockey on CTV when Dan Kelly said there was breaking news and they cut to Lloyd Robertson broke the news of the crash to not just hockey fans but the country. I remember just the sadness that the whole province Dad asking why the hell didn't they just reschedule the many what if questions...but while we pause and reflect about the crash let's all remember that those young men came together, fortified the team, and stood strong to become in the years after the crash a WHL powerhouse, and Memorial Cup Champions.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

I remember being at the parents farm east of Yorkton when the news came over the radio. It was sad to hear the names of the players, especially since Trent Kresse played for the Terriers the year before. One has to wonder what impact each one of them would have made if they were still alive today. Today would not be a good day for the Buffalo media to get on Lindy Ruff's case.

Anonymous said...


Who was the Mark you were talking to in the first hour of the Sportscage tonight? I missed the first part of the show, so I did not know who you were talking with. Thanks!

Mitchell Blair said...

Mark Lamb--coach and GM of the Broncos