Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Riders Release Two Vets

The Riders announced today that they have released non-import kicker/punter Luca Congi.

“We would like to thank Luca for his contributions and leadership both on and off the field,” stated General Manager Brendan Taman. “Unfortunately in this business sometimes tough decisions have to be made but we do wish Luca the best in his future career.”

The Riders have also released non-import defensive back Tamon George.


Anonymous said...

Why would they just cut Congi ??? was he owed a bonus ??

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this move. Could they not trade him? Is his knee worse than what we are led to believe? Is it a salary cap move? I gotta give Taman a thumbs down on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised at this because Milo can do all three and is likely a lot cheaper than Congi. That being said, I have to think he was owed a bonus by January 1 or something and that is the reason for this because you know Taman could have gotten something for him. I would expect him to end up in Wpg or Cal.