Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This And That

Its December 14 and it really hasn't felt like winter yet. I'm down with that. I'm guessing you are too. I could take weather right this right through until spring.

Its December 14 and I have a whack of Xmas shopping to do yet. That's not good.

The World Junior team was announced today. Saskatchewan will be represented by White City's Ryan Murray and Wilcox's Jaden Schwartz. I guess you can add Warriors forward Quinton Howden to that list seeing he does play for a Saskatchewan based team. I'm guessing Murray can do a lot for his future by having a good tournament seeing he is an undrafted player. A strong showing in Alberta and he could be the number one guy when it comes to central scouting.

Thumbs up to Brendan Taman for getting Hilltop safety Graig Newman and Thunder receiver Kolten Solomon under contract. Newman looked great when he was here last year and if he can make this team, it really gives the Riders some options in the secondary as you know Craig Butler isn't going anywhere. Some have told me they think Solomon is a better project than Jordan Sisco. I haven't seen enough of Solomon to agree or disagree with that statement.

Speaking of the Rider secondary, Nick Graham is tweeting that he has signed a contract with the team. Nothing official from the organization though.

Am I the only one that was surprised when reminded that Ricky Ray is just 32 years old. He seems like he has been in the CFL forever.

Was Eric Tillman on his back medication when he said he felt Steven Jyles was a top three quarterback in this league? The Eskimos GM is being roasted for getting rid of Ray, but he has a master plan and most times that plan comes to fruition. I would be surprised if Jyles is the number one guy going into camp.

Is Sidney Crosby done? Will we ever see the Crosby of old on a consistent basis again? We know he still has it, but we also know that he can't really take a hit as the one he received from David Krejci wasn't that bad.

There is word this morning that the Blue Jays might be interested in free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran. If they get him, what do they do with him?

If Pro-Line's "POOLS" game gave out secondary prizes for players that have just one game wrong on their ticket, I would have a lot of spare cash at my disposal. For the 2nd time this year, I had a ticket where there was just one game wrong. Damn you San Francisco!!!!!

The great Dan Patrick and his gang were discussing Tim Tebow this morning and the Broncos rally to beat the Bears on Sunday. Patrick asked should Tebow get the credit for the comeback as to which one of his cohorts said "No, but Marian Barber should". No kidding!!

So word is Derek Jeter after a night of romancing a lady sends her home in a limousine and that when she opens up the door, there is a basket of Jeter memorabilia including a signed baseball. I guess that's better than cab fare on the kitchen table. I just can't believe Jeter is doing now what Vanstone and I used to do with our dates back in the 80's. Copycat!!

Good on Kent Austin for finally saying he wasn't interested in returning to the CFL, but he should have done that a while ago. He was holding the Riders and the Tiger-Cats hostage by remaining silent. Because of this development, I would expect an announcement coming out of Mosaic next week---like perhaps one week from today.

Sportsnet's and Sportscage's Arash Madani doesn't seem to think Dave Dickenson is the guy. He never has thought that way. Would you be OK with Craig Dickenson being the HC with Dave being the OC. Yeah, its a lateral move for Dave but he is working with his brother.

The NHL is going to follow certain players around for 36 hours in a series called "NHL 36". The first player to be followed is Blackhawks center Patrick Kane. I've seen 'Cops" before so I don't know if I will see anything new from this show. Lets just hope we don't see Patrick in a cab.

Patrick Chan was Canada's male athlete of the year? Really? I thought it would go to Milos Raonic.

From a friend of mine in his early 20's who got lucky over the weekend after being at the Whiskey Saloon and other places. "I should really train to be a garbage collector, because I am an expert at picking up trash". BA DOOM BAH!!


Anonymous said...

Well YES if either Dickenson brother is head coach I think most fans would embrace them. If Dave stays put and we have Craig, well that's OK too. Both would be untried new Head coaches who would need some time to impliment their strategies and have the players buy in. I sincerely hope that the fans and the "brass" understand that.2012 will be a re-build but 2013 could be fantastic.
Go Riders

Anonymous said...

I think the reason Dave was so popular was because everyone loved how Craig did last year and thought it was the only way to get both. That and the fact that he was a quarterback. He fits a lot of the criteria that is easy to judge. From what Taman said to Jamie Nye yesterday about it being obvious taht Craig is a way better coach, I think Craig would probably be a much better decision. Especially if he has a good coordinator, like his brother, but another guy would do if he was qualified.

Anonymous said...

This weather has been fantastic. We deserve something like this after the last two winters we had here.

I would be OK with Craig Dickenson as HC if Dave was OC.

The Niners loss jobbed me out of 55 dollars, not 3-grand. OUCH!!

Anonymous said...

Carlos Beltran makes too much $$ for the Jays. Where did you hear that?


Anonymous said...

Solomon is better than Sisco. At least he tries.