Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

--Just a sampling of what's whirling through this twisted mind on a Thursday afternoon.

--Albert Pujols signs a 10 year, 254 million dollar contract with the Angels. That is just a gross figure to pay a major league ball player or a player in any sport, but at least he isn't going to the Yankees.

--When Arte Moreno purchased the Angels in 2003, he paid 183 million for them and now he is paying 254 million to one guy.

--Did the New York Mets not look at the Blue Jay problems in the 9th inning last year. The Mets not only took Frank Francisco off of Toronto's hands at 12 million over the next two years (HA HA HA), but they also took Jon Rauch off their hands. The Toronto bullpen has gotten stronger by subtraction.

--I don't have any problem with NHL re-alignment. I just want to know what happens to the current conference champion trophies. Do they get mothballed or two new ones need to be created? What are the 4 conferences going to be named. I would suggest the NHL name them after successful coaches. How about the Herb Brooks Conference, the Scotty Bowman Conference, the Pat Burns Conference and the Al Arbour Conference. Its either that or the Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Ric Flair conferences (that's a reference to the Four Horsemen of WCW Wrestling days for those who don't understand)

--I must remember that even though they have a great start that the Edmonton Oilers are still a young team and will have performances like they had last night against lowly Carolina. That hurt to watch.

--Congratulations to my long time friend Rod Pedersen for getting the assignment to do the World Juniors on radio this year. The only thing that's bad for RP is it means spending three weeks in Alberta and he does that enough during football season. Its too bad the World Juniors weren't in Sweden or Finland or something. I couldn't be happier for him.

--With Rod gone for three weeks, those in charge at Harvard Broadcasting are giving listeners a real lump of coal in their Christmas stocking. Yes, it will be Scruffy in "The Sportscage" for most of Rod's absence starting Monday.  Derek "Duke" Meyers from Global TV will also be hosting a couple of shows. We'll have some fun and chances are we will be hearing from RP. By the way, 620 CKRM will have all the Canadian games from the World Jrs along with the medal games so yes, Saskatchewan's Sports Leader will be front and center at the 2012 Under 20's.

--I would not want to be Brendan Taman these days. Its gotta be tough looking for a head coach when Kent Austin's name is hovering above like a buzzard looking to pick apart a carcass. If Taman hires a head coach and Austin then goes somewhere else, he will be crucified by a fan-base that thinks a return by Austin means a GC is guaranteed. Meanwhile, he gets roasted for not selecting someone to replace Ken Miller quickly enough while other teams look to fill their vacancies meaning some believe Taman will end up being forced to take the worst of the candidates. Austin could do everyone a big favour by saying he's not interested in coming back to the CFL, but his language has suggested that is the case anyhow.

--While its nowhere near the problem Taman is having, I'm sure Pats GM Chad Lang must be having some sleepless nights. The team has slipped to the lower half of the Eastern Conference standings after a great start. That probably shouldn't be considered as a surprise considering this team's youth and they have in the minds of many excelled this year. However, the question is as you hover around a playoff spot, what do you do with Jordan Weal? Do you keep him in hopes of finishing strong (and a good 2nd half sked with a lot of games at home supports that theory) or do you deal him for the future? I think on this one Chad might want to keep Weal around. If the team makes the playoffs, it will give those young kids a taste of the playoffs earlier than expected and that could pay dividends down the road.

--For those hoping Akiem Hicks of the Regina Rams will end up in Rider colours next year, the answer is no---at least not right now. I have been told that Hicks is on the neg list of an Eastern based CFL team.

--Saturday night's UFC 140 will feature the first Saskatchewan born fighter to enter the octagon. Mitch "Danger Zone" Clarke of Saskatoon will take on American Pete Cholich. I am told it will be either the first or second fight of the Toronto card and will be seen on UFC's Facebook page. Clarke will be in "The Sportscage" Monday afternoon to talk about his experience.

--I  love ESPN's Charissa Thompson.

--I'm not into watching many non-sports related shows on TV anymore, but I am intrigued by the show on Showcase called "Covert Affairs". Its a spy show --a little bit like "24" and it stars Piper Perabo. She was the girl in "Coyote Ugly". It hasn't captured me completely, but I like it.  By the way, the best show on TV today is ESPN's E-60

--I saw an NFL playoff chart with the Seahawks on it for this year. Even this most ardent Seahawks fan will tell you the team isn't making the playoffs this year. If they do though, WOOHOO!!!!

--I was at the east end Tim Hortons today when I overheard a group of postal workers discussing the NHL exhibition game between the Oilers and the Islanders and how they weren't going because it was an exhibition game and how they heard the chatter between Rod and I on the "Sportscage" yesterday. I so badly wanted to turn around and inject myself into the conversation to see if they would realize who I was. I didn't. I somehow wish I had though.

--When the CTV Regina morning show started, my 8 year old daughter would casually turn the channel over to Disney Junior while she got ready for school. Now that the Global Regina morning show has started, she just sits there and watches it while getting ready for school. I don't know the reason for this, but I don't mind. I may switch it to CTV one morning to see if she turns the channel or not.

--Culture night is tomorrow as High Impact Wrestling presents "Christmas Carnage" at the Victoria Club. Vanstone can't wait. He is such a troublesome boor at these events and its tough to control him. Lets just hope that creepy cross-dresser Rex Roberts doesn't come out in female attire again. That was just wrong. We should all remember Rex like this.....

From the Twitter account of Ed The Sock(a must follow by the way) --As a special theme to the Playboy featuring Lindsay Lohan, they are asking you to shoplift the issue.

Speaking of Twitter, if you are a curling fan and you're not following "Fake Kevin Martin" do so, its hilarious. 

That is all. I have to write my letter to Santa. He screwed up last year and mixed things around. I told him I wanted a fat bank account and a slim body and well.......


Anonymous said...

I thought Locker Talk was the best show on tv right now! What the?

Anonymous said...

Your 8 year old watches the Global show because she's the same age as their on-air "talent"!

Anonymous said...

Your kid has good taste. I would rather watch colour bars than watch the CTV morning show.

Anonymous said...

You'd love it if the Cubs would have signed Pujols to that contract!

Anonymous said...

The Jays lost 6 games last year that they led going into the 9th inning, their struggles are blown out of proportion.

Your Cubs blew 7 leads in the 9th inning.

Mitchell Blair said...

The Jays blew a major league high 25 saves last year. How many games did they miss out by for a playoff spot or a division? You take half of those and that team is a playoff team. The Cubs didn't have a sniff at the playoffs from day one!

Anonymous said...

U guys with the King was entertaining today. I used to go to a lot of those cards at the auditorium as well. Good times!


Anonymous said...

No player in any sport is worth 25 million a season. That is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

ESPN E60 is must watch TV and Fake Kevin Martin is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Look at the link that was posted, Mitch. Of those 25 blown saves - many of which were in the 7th or 8th inning, the Jays still won the majority of those games. They only lost 9 games that they led heading into the 8th inning and 6 games they led heading into the 9th inning, which is on par with most other teams in that siutation.

Their bullpen struggles last year are blown way out of proprotion.

Anonymous said...

The Jays bullpen was atrocious last year. Are you John Farrell?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha The Jays bullpen WAS the reason they didnt make the playoffs, did you watch a single game last year? 25 times they had the lead in the later parts of games and lost, what does that tell you?

Badger said...

Best show out there right now has to be Breaking Bad. Check out season 3 - great stuff.