Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joe Kapp Comments On Grey Cup Fight

From Vancouver Province

Regrets? Joe Kapp doesn’t seem to have any regarding his Grey Cup scrap with old CFL rival Angelo Mosca.

Video of the two 73-year-old football legends fighting at an alumni luncheon last Friday has gone viral on YouTube.

“How does it look? Good or bad?” Kapp, the former B.C. Lions QB, asked The San Francisco Chronicle on Monday.

“Ed Nemir, the old boxing coach at Cal, would have been proud of that right cross. He kind of wanted me out for the team, but I was busy playing basketball.”

Kapp smacked Mosca in the mouth after the Hamilton Tiger-Cat swung a cane at his head.

“On his way down I couldn’t resist kicking him in the ass,” Kapp said.

The fight stemmed from an incident in 1963 Grey Cup game, when Mosca landed a late, controversial sideline hit on Kapp’s teammate Willie Fleming.

During Grey Cup week in Vancouver, Kapp and Mosca were among the guests at a CFL alumni banquet, where Mosca was apparently a willing Hatfield to Kapp's McCoy.

"I was sitting at the table and he's mouthing 'F.U.s' to me," Kapp told the Chronicle. "He was a wrestler, a professional bully."

A master of ceremonies later called Kapp and Mosca to the stage, where Mosca could be heard uttering a profanity to Kapp.

"There was a flower arrangement on the table," Kapp said. "I took the flowers up and started to hand it to him on the stage. I was attempting to make peace with the flower arrangement."

Instead, Mosca pushed the flowers away, Kapp swatted the flowers back at Mosca and the seated Mosca started swinging his cane at Kapp.

"He caught me on the side of the head with his cane," Kapp said. "I threw the flowers at him and got him with the right cross and I think another one to his belly."

Kapp said he apologized after he and Mosca were separated, calling the incident "regretful."

As of 7 p.m. Monday, various versions of the video had received a combined total of nearly 600,000 views.


Anonymous said...

If anybody is starting a Joe Kapp Fan Club I want in. Mosca is nothing but an overbearing jerk, always has been always will be. Go Joe Go.

Anonymous said...

JOE JOE JOE, As a true L.A. Ram fan in 6o's & 70's , The game you played and one in the Playoff game with the Rams made me a fan of yours to this day, I lost 5.00 bucks to my dad when vikings lost in the Super Bowl. It's just too bad that Slack jawed Mosca did'nt except that flower!!! hahahaha...Love ya 4ever JOE...JP