Friday, December 9, 2011

Taman Provides Some Info

Riders GM Brendan Taman and assistant GM Jeremy O'Day took time out of their busy schedules to visit Rod Pedersen and Scott Schultz on "The Sportscage" Friday afternoon.

It was revealed that six people have been spoken to when it comes to who will be the new head coach. They are Dave Dickenson, Craig Dickenson, Richie Hall, Corey Chamblin, Mike O'Shea and Tim Burke. Taman also indicated that Kent Austin isn't out of the mix although there have been no interviews.

The carousel continues to spin.


Anonymous said...

Why do some fans think they need Austin, a person who has deserted the Rider twice? Turf Richie Hall out that group and I would be happy with any of them. My only concern is apparently we have to wait for Kent Austin to make up his mind if he is interested or not. Great. By then the top coach will be gone and he will hire the best asst coachs too.
Austin is no guarantee of a playoff game or the Grey Cup. Folks, its team effort that involves coaches, players and Gainer.

Anonymous said...

With Taman as the worst GM in the CFL right now, we definately need a guy like Austin to help Taman do his job. Austin should of been hired as a GM/Coach but as usual Hoppy and the board screwed up badly again. Winning starts at the top in any professional sports organization IMO

Anonymous said...

Hire Dickenson before it's too late !!!! Austin goes down as a Rider great, no doubt about it. But his resume the past 10 years is staying at one job for 1-2 years max and then leaving. We don't need that kind of instability anymore.