Monday, December 19, 2011

Has Tebow-Mania Been Slowed?

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos took it on the chin from the New England Patriots yesterday. I don't think this should come as a surprise. Denver stayed with the Patriots for a while, but turnovers and Tom Brady's lethal precision eventually proved to be too much. Does this calm the Tebow talk for a while?  There were no comebacks, there was no dazzling 4th quarter display, there were no miracles on this day. Does this mean we can put Tebow in there with the likes of guys like Kevin Kolb, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colt McCoy or is he still a guy that can become one of the NFL's best. I don't think Tebow will ever be considered in the same breath as the elite like Brees, Rodgers and Brady. I don't even think he belongs on that second tier with guys like Rivers, Roethlisberger, and Eli. I think Tebow is at the bottom of that 3rd tier of quarterbacks----guys like Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and Matthew Stafford. That being guys where the ceiling hasn't even been reached yet. If the Broncos stick with Tebow, and who knows if they will, perhaps John Elway can turn him into a quarterback. We'll see.
Thoughts from the NFL Sunday we just witnessed.

--I didn't see the Chiefs being the team that ended the Packers run. That loss may be good for Green Bay though as I now wonder if they will lose again this year.

--They would lose again this year if the NFC Championship game was being played in New Orleans. The only thing stopping Drew Brees and the Saints might be the frozen tundra at Lambeau Field.

--Two weeks to go and the Seahawks have a shot at the playoffs after dismantling the Bears in Chicago. A lot of pieces still have to fall in place, but they have a shot. They've won five of their last six meaning they are just as good as the Packers right now.

--Could Baltimore have crapped the bed any worse last night against San Diego? They weren't the worst team yesterday though---ladies and gentlemen, the New York Giants!!


--Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL!

The Regina Pats go into the Christmas break feeling good about themselves after winning two of three on the weekend. That 2nd came in dramatic style as Jordan Weal scored with a second to play in regulation to give Regina a victory over Edmonton. They go into the Xmas break sitting 7th in the East--4 up on Calgary and just 4 back of 3rd place Kootenay. The wins on the break just may have kept Jordan Weal in Regina. We will see what Chad Lang thinks of the first half of the WHL season for the Pats. He will join me in the Sportscage this afternoon.

This time of  year makes it tough to find guests. I'm trying though. Calls are in to several people.

Will the Ti-Cats give us a coach before Christmas?
Will the Riders have any more announcements before Christmas ? I think the answer on that is no, but we'll see.

Thing I hate....getting all comfy on the couch and then realizing the remote is not within arms reach. GRRRR!!!


Lee-Anne said...

I agree that Tebow will probably never be in Brady's class, but with time and good coaching he can be a good QB for the Broncos. As Simms showed yesterday, his mechanics are getting better. I still think he needs better receivers around him, and it didn't help that McGahee got hurt early, because they were running the ball well. This is a young team that turned the ball over too much, and it cost them late in the 1st half. The lockout has held Tebow back, but with time he will be a legit NFL QB. He can't bring them back from behind all the time, but if they can upgrade at the skill positions, the Broncos should contend for the playoffs every year. The future is bright for "my" team. Also, opposing teams have to take extra time to prepare for the Broncos offense. Fox and his OC have done a good job mid-season creating an offense to fit Tim Tebow.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope Weal stays a pat he is the leader on this team never giving up with him there always a chance

Anonymous said...

Matt Stafford should be in the second tier IMO