Thursday, December 29, 2011


A US sports website called "Bleacher Report" is dipping its feet into the CFL waters and frankly, they have done a poor job. The website ranks the eight fanbases in the league. I don't think they got this one right, but I will let you decide. The story can be found right here.


Kevin said...

Have a look at "Joe Strummer's" profile...he is from Winnipeg. That's all you need to know about that article.

Anonymous said...

About: Contributer Joe Strummer


I'm from Toronto but I call Winnipeg home."

So much for credibility. Bombers with the leagues best fans?


Anonymous said...

The article at least puts forth reasons for the selection order. For the most part it is bang on. Take our "homer" glasses off and perhaps we would also agree.I disliked the 3 in 100 comment but that is why Rider fans were said to be the best in the league.What other teams fans would endure such mediocrity Will our current sell outs continue should the Riders stay out of the playoffs say for 3 years?I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

We've sold out how many games in a row? We've bought how much in merchandise? We help fill out other teams stadiums when on the road. This guy is an idiot. Oh wait, he's from Winnipeg so he's a certified idiot.


Anonymous said...

Maybe those rankings would have applied in 1986 but not today.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the Riders have the best fans - we buy tons of stuff and travel with our team like no other fans. However, I also think we have our share of bandwagon jumpers. I couldn't believe it when we didn't sell out our home playoff game in 2010. Very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Joe Strummer's direct quote "the Bombers bring in sellout crowds regularly," it is very easy to go to and check past attendance figures for 2005 and later (click on Schedule).

Canad Inns Stadium held 29,553 people, with almost 1,000 temporary seats added in 2011. For 2011, Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field held 30,022, so both stadiums are roughly the same size. From 2005 to 2011, Bomber attendance averaged 26,788 per home game, while the Riders averaged 28,496.

For the same time frame (63 home games for each team), the Bombers had over 28,000 fans 25 times, the Riders had over 28,000 fans 47 times. The Bombers had 18 sellouts, the Riders had 42 sellouts.

The Bombers had 3 playoff games, which had over 28,000 fans once, with the same game being the only sellout. The Riders had 4 playoff games, which had over 28,000 fans four times, three of which were sellouts.

Brad Taylor

Clansman2112 said...

....want does the lead singer of The Clash know about Canadian Football?? ;)