Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congi Visits Sportscage

Former Rider kicker Luca Congi joined myself and Kelly Remple in the Sportscage Wednesday night. 620 CKRM's Phil 'The Thrill' Andrews listened to it all and transcribed it. Here is what was said,,,

As Phil mentioned, Luca was a little emotional and really couldn't answer the question about what great kicks he remembers as a Rider. I think that shows you that this guy was a Rider through and through and that what happened this week hurt him tremendously. In the world of pro sports today, that is going to happen, but you will rarely see the emotion Congi had.

Best of luck to Luca. I am sure we will see him kicking at Mosaic Stadium for some time in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Its to bad, he is a good guy but the riders when with youth

Anonymous said...

Thank you Luca for all the time and effort you put into being a great Rider. We hope you have continued success in the CFL, not so much, when you play the Riders, though. HA!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on Milo yet. He didn't attempt alot of field goals over 40 yards. Signing Bodnar is a smart move. Congi may come back to haunt us