Friday, December 23, 2011

Who Needs Peyton???

Break up the Colts!!!Break up the Colts!!! So much for the Indianapolis Colts not winning a football game this year as they have won twice in five days. In doing so, have they screwed up their future. With Peyton Manning in the waning days of his career, it looked like the Colts would have the inside track to picking Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick in this year's draft. However, the Rams, Vikings and Colts are now tied for the worst record in the league as each team has won twice. Indy plays Jacksonville next week and the Jags aren't exactly the Packers. Have the Colts gotten hot at the wrong time? These could be wins that haunt you. I just think of what might have happened in 1993 and how the fortunes of my Seahawks would  have changed had it not been for a victory. In 1992, the Seahawks beat the Patriots. Had New England won that game, Seattle would have had the first overall pick and they would have taken Washington State grad Drew Bledsoe. Instead, they ended up taking the over-hyped and over-rated Rick Mirer. Mirer had one good year, Bledsoe had many. If you want to take that one step further, what happens to the Patriots and one Tom Brady. Brady came in for an injured Bledsoe and you know the rest of the story.
What if is a story that revolves around former Rider kicker Luca Congi and current Rider kicker Chris Milo as well. What would Milo be doing right now had it not been for the unfortunate play that ultimately ended Congi's career as a Rider. Would the Laval product had been drafted and if not, would he be playing football now. You know Congi would have been a Rider for a long time. I have to admit I was surprised to hear Luca get choked up when talking to him on "The Sportscage" Wednesday afternoon. I honestly didn't think he would, but that shows you what a deep affection he had to this organization and the community that embraced him with open arms. Like he said, you never want your last play to be one that sees you get helped off the field, but that's what happened. I don't argue with the move made by GM Brendan Taman in this salary-cap conscious world as Milo is cheaper than Congi, but if he doesn't get hurt, we are not discussing this.

A big thumbs up to 620 CKRM's Jamie Lewis and Gloria Evans. After hearing news that some piece of toilet film stole a Salvation Army kettle with 800 dollars in it from the Northgate Mall on Wednesday, the amicable morning hosts of Regina's #1 AM station got the ball rolling and before you knew it, people were phoning and dropping off donations. When all was said and done, over 4-grand had been raised. That's what makes Regina the great place it is. We always come through somehow when the chips are down.

I'm a little more pumped for the World Juniors this year, but I'm also going in with a very realistic approach to the tournament. There is no doubt the Canadian Hockey League is the best developmental league going and that many players in the World Jrs call the CHL home whether they be Russian, Finnish, Swiss or yes, American. That tells me that Canada is the king of junior hockey, but the record shows the Americans won the tournament two years ago and the Russians won it last year both at the expense of Team Canada. I am hoping Canada is in the gold medal game and I am hoping like many of you that they win that game, but when this team doesn't have the like of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Erik Gudbranson, Tyler Seguin, etc. etc. etc, it makes it tough. I have no doubt that we will be proud of this team when all is said and done, but if this team should stumble, I hope the critics don't bring out their sharp swords because in a way we are undermanned. Why are we undermanned? I said it....its because the CHL is the best developmental league in the world and unless a rule is made that says you can't play in the NHL until you are 20, it won't change.

Rod Pedersen's blog asks what are some of the great things about the 80's/90's in his Friday Rodservations entry. Oh, I could make such a long list of what made that era so great. Many of you could too and have by looking at his comments section.

The fact that the UBC Thunderbirds football program has to sacrifice all of its wins from this year because of an ineligible player is disgusting. Why wasn't this discovered a long time ago? What makes it worse is that this seems to be happening in Canada West football at a far too frequent pace. How embarrassing would it have been for the CIS if UBC had won Canada West or won a Vanier Cup. Some protocols obviously aren't being followed or are needed. Rams coach Frank McCrystal will talk about this with me on Thursday's Sportscage.
Speaking of the Rams, I love the Chris Bodnar signing this week by the Riders. This kid can kick the football. It wouldn't surprise me to see Chris Milo handling field goals with Bodnar punting in 2012. GM Brendan Taman should be applauded for getting him signed.
Week 17 NFL Lock Of The Week ---Patriots over Dolphins
Week 17 NFL Upset Of The Week ---Seahawks over Niners (yeah I might be a little biased on that)
Week 17 NFL Upset Of The Week(unbiased version) --Eagles over Cowboys
As I mentioned, Frank McCrystal will be in the Cage with me this afternoon at 5 on 620 CKRM. We will also be joined by new BC Lions coach Mike Benavides and we will hear from Rod as he prepares to start doing the radio p x p of the World Juniors for the Sportsnet FAN Radio Network. Its also Festivus so I may if time allows let you air your grievances. The one and only Mark Rathwell will sit in with me as well so tune in.

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