Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closing The Door on 2011

One last blog post to close the door on 2011--a year that didn't see the last six months go the way that I thought for  yours truly for a variety of reasons, but I'm thinkin 2012 will be a nice bounceback year. At least I'm hopin so. One last collection of thoughts before turning the page to a new year.

--Thumbs down to whoever suspended five members of the Danish junior hockey team for staging a "mock" press conference after their club got hammered by Canada this week. The Danes came to Alberta knowing they weren't going to have much of an impact and that they would likely get clubbed around. They tried to have some fun and they were punished for it. Lighten up!

--Thumbs up to the Regina Pats for staging a ceremony to remember the tragic events of December 30, 1986. Personally, I think the Western Hockey League should have had the Swift Current Broncos playing at home last night so they could stage a memorial of their own, but Brent Parker picked up the ball and did the right thing. Brent takes a lot of criticism for some of the things that he does and I understand that, but when he does something right (and he does a do a lot of things right when it comes to the community), he and the organization should be praised.

--I have no problem with the antics of Czech goalie Petr Mrazek at the World Juniors. He wears his emotion on his sleeve. I wish more professionals would do that to spice up the game.

--I don't care if the Americans are out of medal contention at the Juniors and that Friday's game between Canada and the U-S means nothing. A victory is called for and nothing less will suffice. I would say the same thing if the game was against Russia or whoever.

--What has happened to Regina product Ryan Getzlaf. He has only 6 points and 25 points in 36 games and is minus 17. Don't be surprised if the Ducks look to trade Getzlaf at the trade deadline. He would look good on a lot of teams. 

--Now that Brock Lesnar has retired from UFC following his one round defeat at the hands of Alastair Overeem Friday night, one has to wonder if he will go back to the world of the WWE. There are less than 90 days until Wrestlemania.

--Arianny Celeste or Brittney Palmer???? That's a tough decision, but you are a winner either way aren't you.

--One of my fellow neanderthals that I watch UFC with on a regular basis coined the term "fightboner" last night. Could I get that trending for UFC 142. He is also of the belief that all Armenians are insane. I don't personally know any Armenians so I can't comment any further on this.

--I think the Riders will trot out their assistant coaches this week. I think!

--If the Riders new offensive co-ordinator can place a call to the University of Washington or Baylor to take a page or two out of their playbook, that would be nice. I still can't believe the way those teams went up and down the field on one another at the Alamo Bowl last week.

--Is it just me or has New Year's Eve basically gotten too pricey when it comes to going out.

--I didn't realize the Oilers had slipped down in the standings to the point that they are once again flirting with the number one pick. It looks like the Stanley Cup playoffs will once again not be stopping in the Alberta capital.

--They love their hockey in Philadelphia don't they. If you saw the Winter Classic alumni game, you know what I mean.

--Ron Duguay is 54 and he still has what might be the best hair in hockey.

--You know there are one too many US College Football Bowl games when Illinois and UCLA play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

--The last Sunday of the NFL season may bring us several games that come right down to the end. I see that happening with the Chiefs-Broncos, the Raiders-Chargers and the Ravens-Bengals game. All three of those games have playoff implications.

Week 18 NFL Lock Of The Week ----Eagles over Redskins
Week 18 NFL Upset Of The Week ---Panthers over Saints (a Saints team that likely doesn't play its regulars in the 2nd half)

--Happy New Year to you all. If you are going out tonight, get home safely. Thanks for checking in and hey, if you know of someone who needs a communications person, shoot them my way.


Anonymous said...

Are you not the SJHL communications guy?
If not what happened?

Anonymous said...

Its a shame when 18, 19 and 20 year olds break out of the "structure" that is created and aren't allowed to have fun. I'm guessing the Canadian kids haven't had a chance to act their age since training camp started for fear of a "black eye" on Canadian hockey. I think guys like the Czech goalie are fine as well. Its OK to show some emotion and have some fun.


Anonymous said...

I'd be shocked if Lesnar isn't in WWE by the summer. It may be too late to have him take on the Undertaker seeing the rumour mill has Triple H fighting him again in one last match.

I'll go with Arianny.

Happy New Year Scruffy!!!


Anonymous said...

Getzlaf would look great on the Flyers.

Tom said...

I can tell u this, nobody driving team buses , want to drive the Team Canada, u are told you cannot talk to them which means you cannot say good morning, have a nice day, or after the game good game,that includes trainers, coaches, player , management, that come right from Hockey Canada

Anonymous said...

--I think the Riders will trot out their assistant coaches this week. I think!

Hopefully Ritchie Hall isn't one of them

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a "fightboner"?