Monday, December 12, 2011

How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!!

Like them or not(and I'm in the latter category), the Dallas Cowboys certainly make for great talk fodder for those who dissect and analyze the NFL each and every week. The Cowboys have made life a lot more difficult for themselves this year with some stupid decisions, but last nite neither Tony Romo or Jason Garrett was to blame. It was the defence.

I kept waiting for Romo to screw up and to his credit he didn't, but the defence gassed a 12 point lead in the final 3 minutes and change as they lost to the Giants 37-34. The best part of these Cowboy meltdowns for me is when the cameras show a disgusted Jerry Jones or as they call him in Dallas Jerr-ah. I can't stand the guy and he is one of my all time favourite sports villains so when they lose, I smile. Now for the dissection to begin.

Other thoughts from another eventful NFL Sunday

--I just don't know what more you can say about Tim Tebow. Chicago was up 10-0 late in the 4th, but I knew somehow, someway Tebow would win that game. Yes, Marian Barber helped immensely with a couple of major mistakes, but Tebow and the Broncos found a way. Next up is New England. They can't can they? Can they? I don't know if I want to bet against them.

--Speaking of New England, Tom Brady got in the face of his offensive co-ordinator or was it the other way around after a bad interception yesterday. Yes, the blow-up made all the highlight reels. Brady put the issue to bed right after the game saying the competitive fires got out of control. We all know no one would believe Darian Durant if he said that about Doug Berry if such a sidelines confrontation ever would have emerged.

--Frank Caliendo's bit with Joe Buck in which the FOX play-by-play just ridicules him for being so insecure that he has to play all these guys like Madden, President Bush and Jack Nicholson was pure gold.

--The 49ers finally looked like the 49ers that I and many others think they are.

--T.J Yates is 2-0 as an NFL starter. Who knew? Those QB's out of North Carolina can play the game apparently.

--The Jets and Chargers have looked good the past couple of weeks, but I don't think you can put them in serious Super Bowl talk.

--Nice of the Falcons to finally wake up and play the football they are capable of. I still think its too late for them too.

--Who in their right mind at ESPN approves a Rams-Seahawks Monday niter this late in the season. Who? Oh well, its at least a chance to see Jon Ryan do his thing and see if Mike Tirico has the nerve to say Saskatchewan for two weeks in a row. He pulled it off last week when talking about John Chick.

--I lost a fantasy playoff game because Carson Palmer threw an interception with 30 seconds left in the game giving the Packers defence an extra two points. That hurts! It left me with one of those Jerr-ah Jones looks once it was over.

--I guess I've come full circle if I've started and ended it with Jerr-ah.  See you in the Sportscage at 5. You will hear from Weston Dressler who is helping guys who stayed here over the winter get a job, Mitch (Danger Zone) Clarke who competed at UFC 140 this weekend and Rod Pedersen from the World Junior camp in Calgary.


Anonymous said...

I want Tebow to pick my lottery numbers. Every little thing falls into place for this guy and he capitalizes. Denver misses the short kick and then Barber goes out of bounds to give them another chance. Its beyond funny.

Anonymous said...

When talking about the SUper Bowl, it starts and ends with the Packers. Conversation over! Unless Rodgers gets hurt, no one is beating them. NO ONE!!

Ryan in Lloydminster said...

Well at least your fantasy football season isn't resting on the hopes of your Seattle Seahawks....haha

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Gruden made reference to Seahawk DB Browner playing in Canada for 4 years. Nice plug!!