Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Thoughts

Here we go in no particular order

--I laugh at those who automatically without seeing what he can do or what kind of coaching style the guy has that say Brendan Taman picked the wrong man in Corey Chamblin. Do you people just specialize in being negative? Is it part of your DNA? Can we give Chamblin a chance to show us what he can do? He was very engaging and witty during his introductory newser tomorrow, but that doesn't translate into wins and losses. Lets just step back a little and see how things unfold.

--To those that wanted Dave Dickenson here. It seems to me as if Dave didn't think he was ready and that perhaps the future for him wasn't in Regina. If that is the case, I would like the Taman haters to stop the "He should have brought Dickenson in" comments. Doing that might have been a disaster.

--Who ends up as coach of the Ti-Cats? I don't think it will be Dickenson.

--Honest to god, I just about missed the Corey Chamblin announcement yesterday. I was catching up on some TV programs that I have not watched. I heard my cellphone going off, but I ignored it. I saw the release from Sheri Trapp about an hour and 20 minutes before the newser was called. Imagine the surprise I might have had if I had just kept watching the old tube.

--Mike Milbury has apparently been charged with assaulting a 12 year old hockey player in Massachusetts. NICE!!! The kid is apparently a player that Milbury's team had just played against. The story can be found right here. I would be shocked if he appeared on HNIC tomorrow night.

--The Pats/Calgary Hitmen game is on Sportsnet tonight.

--Is Chad Lang losing sleep over whether or not to trade forward Jordan Weal. Could the Pats GM swing a trade with Portland that sees highly touted defenceman Derrick Pouliot come to Regina. I doubt it, but I throw it out there.

--Is there any truth to the rumour that the Warriors are interested in acquiring defenceman Martin Marincin and/or goalie Drew Owsley from Prince George.

--I have to get to the Saskatchewan Science Centre to see the Titanic exhibit. I know its around for a while yet, but I wanna go.

--The great Dan Patrick was getting tweets from porn star Bibi Jones today. Jones is the young woman who was wearing Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's jersey a few weeks ago causing a big hullabaloo. Upon hearing Patrick tell this tale, I texted Rod Pedersen to say the difference between his show and Dan's is that Dan is getting tweets from porn stars. I can't speak for Meyers, but I don't think Rod or I have been getting tweets or texts from porn stars.

--Speaking of the "Cage", I will be back in there today. More reaction from the Corey Chamblin hiring with John Lynch who sits in for Scott Schultz on Four Seasons "Football Friday". Schultz seemingly always bail when I host on Fridays. I'm starting to think he has an issue. Brendan Taman will be on with us as will Jim Hopson and Rob Vanstone. Talk to ya then!


Anonymous said...

I was impressed that Mike Tomlin phoned Taman with a good endorsement for Chamblin.


Anonymous said...

Chamblin may well be a good hire but it still doesn't stop me from thinking of Danny Maciocha whenever I see Brendan Taman. Image is a big thing.

Anonymous said...

I think Tim Burke will be announced as the new HC of the TiCats next week. I thought hiring Austin was a mistake 4 years ago so who knows when it comes to Chamblin. But Jeff Reinbold was a someone who impressed the media too