Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At The Midway Mark

The CFL season has hit the halfway point and its still anyones guess as to who will win the Grey Cup. OK, I think we can categorically say that the Bombers aren't going to, but what about the other seven teams. One would have to believe the front runners to play in the 100th Grey Cup are the Alouettes and BC, but there is still a long ways to go. What about the award winners? Here is who I would vote for if the season ended today.

MOP-Anthony Calvillo

The Alouettes quarterback isn't slowing down. The ageless Calvillo continues to put up impressive numbers while leading Montreal to a 6-3 record which is tied for best record overall with B.C.

Calvillo has thrown for 2978 yards with 20 touchdowns and 7 INT's. He has also played most of the season without his favourite target--Jamel Richardson. As Calvillo goes, the Alouettes will go it will once again seem.

Outstanding Canadian - Jon Cornish

It would appear as if Cornish and the Riders Kory Sheets are going to battle it out as to who the league's leading rusher will be. After a slow start to the season, Cornish has picked up over the past couple of weeks and now sits 2nd behind Sheets with 642 yards on the ground.

Top Defensive Player - JC Sherritt
This guy is the best linebacker the CFL has seen in a long time. He is all over the field for the Eskimos and leads the CFL in tackles with 78--20 more than the next nearest competitor.

Special Teams Player- Chris Williams

This is just a no-brainer. The guy has taken six kicks back for touchdowns. One could argue he is a candidate for the MOP. It will bother Rider fans for a long time that he was the neg list player given up in the Prechae Rodriguez trade.

As for rookie of the year, I haven't seen a list as to who qualifies and who doesn't. Kory Sheets doesn't qualify because of his time in NFL camps. I was going to give the nod to BC linebacker Adam Bighill, but he apparently played in two games for the Lions last year so you can't go there either. Perhaps the CFL needs to change the "rookie of the year" designation to "first year player" designation. If there was a top "first year player", it would go to Sheets.

When it comes to the offensive lineman of the year, you would have to look at someone from the Stampeders or Alouettes. It is so hard to judge the o-lines of the other teams when you don't see them every game. I will pass judgment on that for now.


Anonymous said...

Um, even if Sheets is eligible for Rookie of the Year, the award should go to Chris Matthews easily.

Anonymous said...

Rookie would have to be Chris Matthews from Winterpeg.

Anonymous said...

Would Winnipeg's Chris Mathews qualify for 'rookie'? He has more yards than Nik Lewis or Weston Dressler.


Anonymous said...

Matthews should get Rookie. his numbers after watching his oline the last few games are even more incredible.

Anonymous said...

Bighill played for BC last year? I thought he'd be the ROY for sure, even ahead of Matthews. I wish the CFL would release a list of who is eligible early in the season,


Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong in taking Scott Flory as top o-;lineman. He's having another solid season.