Thursday, September 20, 2012

This And That

Just a weekly collection of some warbled thoughts going my mind

--A lot of people are worked up over the Corey Chamblin guarantee. Why? Chamblin put it out there and lets see if his defence responds. They responded when he tore a strip off of them the last time Jon Cornish and the Stampeders played. He is taking a different approach this time around. I love it! Chamblin is not a conventional coach and that is one thing that sadly he has going against him because so many people in this province are hesitant to change and to break out of that mold they have settled so comfortably in. Corey Chamblin is brash, he is unpredictable and he is a breath of fresh air. How can you not like the guy?

--North American NHL’ers that go to play in Europe are hypocrites as far as I’m concerned. Be united with your brothers whether they be superstars or sweater-fillers. You are all after the same common good aren’t you? It really sends the wrong message

--Is it true when you buy NHL 13 that you can play the commissioner’s mode in which your Xbox or PS3 simply won’t turn on when you go to start a season? Speaking of which, I know they have to sell the product, but the EA sports ads hawking the game doesn’t have much punch when there is no game to watch.

--TSN carrying That’s Hockey and Sportsnet having Hockey Central during the lockout is just dumb!

--The WHL season started tonight with Edmonton taking on Kootenay. Most everyone believes the Oil Kings and Portland will once again be the two finalists and its tough to disagree with that statement. However, you know the Saskatoon Blades will be tough because they are going to be the Memorial Cup hosts and should be the Eastern Division pennant winner. Where will the Pats finish? I honestly don’t know. Coach Pat Conacher was on the Sportscage Wednesday and I asked him if its one of those scenarios where the team could finish 2nd in the division or last because there isn’t a lot separating the teams in the division and he agreed. The team that works the hardest will get the spoils and if Conacher can get the same out of his guys this year that he did last, they will be OK. Their blueline scares me right now though because it seems a little inexperienced. I will take the Pats for 3rd in the division behind the Blades and Wheat Kings which should translate to a playoff spot in the lower half of the top 8.

--With the Civic Center now being a thing of the past, does that mean the rink that has the most character on the Prairies is the Whitney Forum in Flin Flon?. I am so glad that I had a chance to visit that arena during my days in the SJHL. It really is a building that a hockey fan needs to go to at least once just to see the names that have been associated with the Bombers and the pennants that fly overhead.

--I like Thursday night NFL football for a lot of reasons, but I don’t like it for a lot of other reasons as well.

--The Regina Humane Society wants tougher penalties for animal cruelty. I couldn’t agree more. People that abuse animals in any fashion are nothing but toilet scum in my books.

--Its becoming more and more evident that a vote for Chad Novak is a wasted vote. Its also becoming more and more evident after last night’s mayoral debate between candidates that Michael Fougere is the man to take Regina into the future. A vote for Fougere will not be a wasted vote.

--The Lethbridge Hurricanes reported a deficit of over 600-thousand last year and the Swift Current Broncos reported a deficit of just under 200-thousand. Do other teams in the WHL report their financial numbers? What‘s the bottom line for the Warriors now that they are in a new home? What was the bottom line for the Pats after getting a couple of playoff dates? Was that info revealed because if it was, I missed it.

--UFC 152 in Toronto should be great! I'm guessing many will spend their Saturday night watching the proceedings and seeing perhaps the best MMA fighter today--Jon "Bones" Jones doing his thing.

--If there is a better communications person in the world of sports out there than WHL communications guy Cory Flett, I’d like to meet him. He is fantastic at what he does.

--I had a gentleman ask me at the Northgate Mall the other day if my wife is ever going to get back into television. My wife isn’t in and never has been on television! My wife IS NOT former CTV weather girl Angel Blair. She has much better taste in men!

--I dug out the Riders 2007 GC champions t-shirt this week. How long should one have a t-shirt for before discarding it. Its still comfortable and it still fits five years later so why not? Is there a timeframe?

--Kneeldowns are a stupid play, but if it’s a one score game I have no problem with the Tampa Bay Bucs doing what they did to the Giants last Sunday. If its not a one score game though, just let the kneeldown happen and be done with it.

--Baseball is reportedly considering having pitchers wear some sort of protective headgear to stop them from getting blasted in the melon by a comebacker like Oakland’s Brandon McCarthy did earlier this month. I am all in favour of that. As I’ve said in the past, I think you will see a baseball player get killed in a game because of a line-drive before you see a football player or hockey player get killed because of a hit.

--Chocolate, sex and laughter are all key to a healthy brain. Hey, at least I’m batting .667!


Anonymous said...

The Whitney Forum when packed might have been the most intimidating place to play. I forget what year it was but Melville and FF played a seven game series. It might have been some of the best hockey I've seen in two classic barns. Its too bad FF is so out of the way because everyone deserves a chance to spend five minutes in that place and soak up the history.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Fougere will not be a wasted vote. Right on Scruffy!

Anonymous said...

Pats don't make the playoffs. They will be close, but will fade at the end. Not enough offence in my mind and while improving, Stevenson and Klimchuk are no Weal.


Anonymous said...

I have no respect for guys like Thornton, Nash and Spezza who head overseas to play. Shouldn't these guys be back in Canada being united with their PA brethren in trying to get a new deal. The 3rd and 4th liners should get together and ratify a deal that would leave these guys in the dark.


Anonymous said...

The Whitney Forum is a one of a kind rink. I'm guessing it wasn't packed when you were there Mitch. Rumours suggest the Bombers are having some financial $ and if that's the case that's sad, because that is a tremendous organization with a tremendous history.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone told Angel about the split?

75flyersbestteamever said...

There may be big flaws in this thought but here she goes:
Why doesn't the NHL simply now say "this is the new deal." Anyone wanting to play come right now..the rest thanks for your service and best wishes...
...they still need to honour the pre-existent player contracts but run their new way starting now with whatever they decide are the rules.
..Is their union complications?Don't know, I have never been in, or followed union biz..
..I think the business owners still call the shots don't they? If you don't like their terms walk away and work elsewhere. Its true some owners are meatheads, much like some non hockey business owners but in the end are still the bosses.
Can't it be that simple? The elite players are already following this overseas.
Oh well when will TSN start covering the Lingerie Football league "game" of the week.

Anonymous said...

I just laugh at those who think players should stick around North America to "do a deal." Yeah right. If you are the player union rep on your club, sure, stick around and be a liaison to the union powers that be. It is 2012, that player rep can contact his teammate by text, SMS, email, phone call etc. It isn't hurting anything unless you subscribe to the notion that the NHL'ers are hurting the displaced players overseas. One word for ya: waaaaaaaaa!