Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rams DL Heads CFL Central Scouting Rankings

The University of Regina Rams have put out numerous players to the CFL and NFL (Hughes, Clermont, Getzlaf, Ryan, etc. etc) and it would seem as if some more are ready to make the leap into the pro ranks as evidenced by the CFL Scouting Bureau's rankings for September. Here are the top 15.

1. Stefan Charles DL Regina
2. Linden Gaydosh DL Calgary
3. Bo Lokombo LB Oregon
4. Matt Sewell OL McMaster
5. Steven Lumbala RB Calgary
6. Corey Watman OL Eastern Michigan
7. Jesse Joseph DL UConn
8. Kalonji Kashama DL Eastern Michigan
9. Brett Jones OL Regina
10. Ben D’Aguilar DL McMaster
11. Stephen Alli WR Florida
12. Elie Ngoyi DL Bishops
13. Brander Craighead OL UTEP
14. Nolan MacMillan OL Iowa
15. Yannick Morin-Plante WR Laval

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