Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something To Mitch About

Is there anything to bitch about when it comes to the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week? Were they that good or was Winnipeg that bad in what was an embarassing 52-0 romp by the green and white. I asked that question to defensive lineman Brent Hawkins right after the final gun had sounded. His response

"I think it just comes down to preparation. I know Winnipeg has been going through a coaching change and they have been battling adversity. If it happened to us, we would fight through it. This definitely sends a message. No team has put up 52 this year and we finally put together a game in all three phases. We still made mistakes and we weren't perfect, but we showed everyone that when we are prepared and know what to do in all three phases, that we are a good football team."

I can't argue with that statement. Can you?

Here are just some thoughts in no particular order

--If there was a down to the game, it was the injury suffered to Darian Durant. It doesn't sound as if the injury will keep Durant down and perhaps it wasn't a down as it gave Drew Willy a chance to come in and play some meaningful reps in a quarter and a half. Make no doubt about it, there would be a drop-off between Durant and the rookie quarterback out of Buffalo, but that drop isn't as severe because of the reps and experience Willy received.

--One game does not make a career, but Brooks Foster looks like he will be sticking around Riderville for a while.

--Joe Lobendahn in the middle gave the defence a different look.

--Was it just me or was Richie Hall's defence more aggressive today?

--Shame on the fans who left Weston Dressler hanging after his ----well what will be call his leap into the endzone stands and why did he do it in one end and not the other?

--I wonder what Paul and Tina Lapolice thought of today's outcome.
--He's just a rookie, but I still think the Riders o-line was better when Ben Heenan was in there.
--Why did Tim Burke have his team run "gassers" the day before the game? What type of message does that send and did the players send their own message with that effort?
--Was it just me or were 90 percent of the callers on the CKRM post-game show extremely intoxicated. How could they dial the number in the shape they were in?
--Have you ever seen a better performance by the Riders? If so, when?

Just some other thoughts whirling around the brain

--The Labour Day game is always great, but its greater when you can visit and tailgate with some out of town friends as I did this weekend with people from Grand Forks, North Dakota and Saskatoon along with some Regina buds. Good times!

--After the Edmonton loss to the Riders, Eric Tillman stood upstairs in the press box and answered each and every question put to him by the Edmonton media after a terrible effort. After the Winnipeg loss, Joe Mack walked into the Bombers dressing room and then the media was told that he would not be made available. I think that says all you need to know does it not?

--I don't care if its Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn QB'ing the Seahawks offence. They will be a playoff team this year. I don't know if they win the NFC West considering San Fran will still be good, but I see them winning at least a wildcard spot.

--I was looking forward to seeing the Michigan Wolverines (that should be Mitch-igan) battle Alabama on Saturday night. What a disappointment that was as the Crimson Tide had their way with the Wolverines in a one-sided win. QB Denard Robinson was a huuuuuuuuuuuge disappointment. That guy has CFL quarterback written all over him. Apparently, his neg rights are owned by Hamilton.

--I am not advocating that the Jays release John Farrell at the end of the season, but Toronto should kick the tires of Terry Francona to see if he is interested in managing the club. If he is, cast Farrell adrift. Francona might be what the team needs to get to the playoffs.

--Now that the summer is over, will some communications/marketing jobs open up? God, I hope so!

--If you haven't checked it out, watch Global TV's "Focus Saskatchewan" at 630 with Tom Vernon. Tom does a great job in hosting the show and painting a good picture of what a great province we are.

--WOLF 104.9 morning man, Regina Rams p x p man and the host of "The Touchdown Club" and "5th quarter" Michael Ball is on Twitter. Follow him at @ballsy72. Can he be as opinionated as he is in 140 characters? We'll find out!

--Word from Pats camp is that Morgan Klimchuk and Chandler Stephenson are going to be a lot better than they were last year and they were both pretty good last year. Another player who is really blossoming is a guy I liked last year and that is forward Jack Rodewald.

--How do fans of the Expos feel about the success of the Washington Nationals?
--If there is a hockey lockout, I will NOT start watching the NBA. Did I say "if"?
--The Minnesota Twins will host the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star game. Road trip?
--Will the Yankees choke in September?
--Lazy rule: can't reach it, don't need it.

(Tyron Brackenridge photo courtesy of jc-fotos)


Anonymous said...

The down side is, it took half a season for John Lynch (pre-game)to stop generalizing and actually name Richie Hall and Bob Dyce as being on the hotseat. Now they're both off the hook. Let's hope they learned something, although I doubt if Richie did. He's believed in soft non-aggressive defence for 20 years. Why would one game change him?


Anonymous said...

I actually left feeling sorry for Winnipeg yesterday. How is Joe Mack still employed? The Bombers board should have been waiting for him at the tunnel with a pink slip.

Anonymous said...

Foster is a keeper. He seems to have the size, hands and speed that we have been missing for a while. Lets see how much more of a role he gets next week.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Call Dressler's TD move the "Mosaic Mount"