Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Conacher Takes Leave of Absence

Regina Pats Head Coach Pat Conacher will not be with the team as it embarks on a three game road trip this week. In his absence, Assistant Coaches Malcolm Cameron and Josh Dixon will step in to fill the coaching duties.

Pats GM Chad Lang’s statement on the current situation, "I met with Pat (Conacher) early this week at which time he informed me that he needed to return back to Calgary to help deal with a family matter. Out of respect to his wish he has returned back to Calgary to assist with that family matter and we provide him with our full support during this time. It’s a situation now where we've got two capable individuals in Malcolm Cameron and Josh Dixon to lead our group until which time Pat is able to return to our hockey club."

Out of respect for the privacy of the Conacher Family, no details on the family matter will be released.

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