Sunday, September 23, 2012

Something To "Mitch'" About

(photo courtesy JC-Fotos)

The Riders needed a win over a quality opponent and they got one. It was a little tense at the end, but the Riders were the better football team Sunday and it showed in the 30-25 win. You have heard the audio from some of the key players in the previous post. Here are just some thoughts from yours truly on what transpired.

--Darian Durant didn't want to run the football because of his hip. Durant haters have said in the past he is not a pocket passer. He proved those doubters wrong with his performance. After the game, Durant had an interesting quote in which he said as he ages, his legs will go so he has to start becoming more of a pocket passer if he is going to extend his career. Does Darian think he's getting old? I think he has lots of miles left in those legs.

--The Riders were very fortunate to keep the ball when Jock Sanders fumbled---and yes he did fumble--only to have Calgary's challenge rejected. The Calgary Herald's Al Cameron got a hold of Tom Higgins and the CFL officiating head said they couldn't determine in the control centre if Sanders was down before losing control of the football. The Riders knew they got a break and so did the fans. More about refs later in the column----NFL refs that is.

--Jock Sanders and Kory Sheets are a nice 1-2 punch

--The Brendan Taman haters should know that BT has brought in veteran leadership like Diamond Ferri, Milt Collins and the very effective Joe Lobendahn. Please remember that!

--I would say something about Weston Dressler, but what can you say that hasn't already been said about the North Dakota wunderkid.

--Odell Willis just makes me shake my head. The guy  has talent, but he does some stupid things at key times. Make no doubt about it though, he is an impact guy when he has his game on and he did for the most part on Sunday.

--Did Jon Cornish really moon the East side fans? Cornish has seemed to have a problem with his pants all  year long. Was it just a reoccurrence. Several have told me no it wasn't. If that is the case, it shows a definite lack of class from the Calgary running back and I would have to think if there is some video evidence of it that he will be suspended.

--The fake punt to end the first quarter was just ugly.

--The Riders need to wear the retros for every home game. DAMN, that looks sharp!

Other thoughts...

--Is it just me or have the Hamilton Tiger-Cats taken a step back? Could George Cortez be a one and done in Hamilton? I doubt it seeing he signed a 4 year deal, but you have to wonder just what it is going to take for that team to get it done. The acquisitions of Burris and Fantuz have not done what was hoped.

--Congrats to those in Saskatoon who turned out at Griffiths Stadium Friday night to see the Huskies lose to the Rams. Just over 9-thousand took in the contest. That is a great job of marketing by the Huskies. I wonder if the U of R can get something like that done for their home game against conference powerhouse Calgary. I can't imagine Mosaic would ever get 10-grand for a University game, but hey why not give it a shot and see what happens. Get that marketing train in motion!

--Perhaps U of R information director Braden Konschuh asking me to do play-by-play for Rams games on TV this year could lure people into the seats. Why watch it on TV with this schmuck when you can watch it live I say!!!!!

--The New Orleans Saints are 0-3??!! Does this mean Sean Payton is the coach of the year?

--The Baltimore-New England game proved again how badly the NFL needs their regular refs back. That being said, that was one of the most entertaining games I have seen in a long time. Was that game winning field goal by Justin Tucker really good?

--Ed Reed is the best safety in the history of the NFL

--How Ravens receiver Torrey Smith could  play the way he did just hours after losing his brother in a motorcycle accident is beyond me. I don't think there is any way I could do what he did. All the power to him!

--What type of fine does Bill Belichick get for grabbing an official?

--Why don't football officials ever toss a head coach? If a hockey ref can do it and an umpire can do it in baseball, why doesn't a football official? Are they allowed to?

--I could be the Joe Mack of fantasy football after deciding to yank Matt Ryan out of my starting lineup in one of my leagues Sunday in favour of Robert Griffin III. Oops!!

--Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is not on my favourite list right now. What a horrid performance against Notre Dame. How about another red zone turnover Denard? What CFL team has him on their neg list. I hear it used to be Hamilton. Is it still?

--The Vikings beat the Niners???? Really???? How many survivor pools have just exploded after that result and the one last week where the Patriots were beaten by Arizona.

--Where would sports TV be without the efforts of Steve Sabol. The man behind NFL films died after a battle with cancer this week. NFL Films brought the game closer to you and many leagues adopted what Sabol had done in an effort to win over fans. Sabol was a pioneer.

--Another media guy in this town is blogging. Check out CTVs Lee Jones thoughts right here.

--The fall TV season begins this week meaning many new shows for Mrs. Scruffy to watch, many old shows with new episodes for Mrs. Scruffy to watch and no upstairs TV time for me!

--A Saturday night dealing with five screaming nine year olds at a birthday party/sleepover could have been a recipe for disaster. Thankfully it wasn't.  YIKES!!

--The Boston Pizza in the East end should build a pedway that connects their lounge with Chuck E Cheese so that parents have a place to "relax" while the munchkins are doing whatever.

--Why wouldn't the Regina Thunder play their game against the Saskatoon Hilltops Saturday afternoon so as not to conflict with the Pats home opener. I'm sure both crowds were affected.

--Is it coincidence that TSN personality "Cabbie" voices over a contest sponsored by "Advil". The guy is enough to give me a headache!

--The Score's Cam Stewart was interrupted on his TV show Friday afternoon when UFC girl Brittney Palmer delivered pizza to him in the studio. I hope he tipped well!

--NHL teams might not be playing, but scouts remain busy. Over 125 were at the USHL Fall Classic in Iowa this weekend. Wings coach Mike Babcock was also in attendance.

--Check out Locker Talk on Access 7 this week. The show will get an aura of professionalism ---well lets just say it will look a lot better than it normally does. Its probably the beginning of the end for Pete Paczko and myself. You will see why if you tune in.

--What the hell is Gangnam Style...nevermind, I don't want to know.

--Have a great Monday!


Keith said...

Another great performance by Jerrell Freeman, leading the Colts D in tackles - 7 and 2 assists. He should be looking at a pay raise soon.

Anonymous said...

Make no doubt about it, Cornish mooned the east side. Real classy move there Cornhole! I hope the Stamps are back here for the West semi.

Anonymous said...

No mention of another piss poor afternoon by Getzlaf. Two drops and a fumble. WTF??? His stock is dropping week by week.

Anonymous said...

That Ravens-Paatriots game was a doozy. One of several on what sounded like a great Sunday of NFL action. Why the CFL plays games on a Sunday that go head to head with the NFL astounds me. I am guessing not many who went to Mosaic yesterday left for the game watching Toronto-Montreal.


Anonymous said...

There was no wardrobe malfunction Mitch. He hung it out there for all to see!

Anonymous said...

Cornish and Belichick should be getting some hefty fines this week.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mark


Anonymous said...

No one is talking about Dave Dickenson's anticks after the P I non-call in the 4th quarter. He threw his head set a mile.


Anonymous said...

Saskatoon gets nine thousand for a football game because the Huskies are the only team they support. The Blades and Hilltops must be wondering where the love for them is.

Anonymous said...

The Taman haters are slowly starting to hide again. Getting Lobendahn might be the best in-season pickup we have had in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Brooks Foster playing?

Anonymous said...

Odell Willis might be the most eccentric SOB I have ever seen.