Thursday, September 27, 2012

This And That

--The Riders are calling on the 13th man to bring it on Saturday night. I’m wondering if those on the east side can get under the skin of Travis Lulay the way they did Jon Cornish last week. Lulay is a good guy, but for three hours Saturday night he is the enemy. Could a chant of LOOOOOOOOOOO-LAYYYYYYYYYYY be heard throughout Mosaic?

--If Ricky Ray is hurt for a considerable amount of time and the Bombers are able to keep Buck Pierce healthy, could it be possible that the woeful Bombers finish 2nd in the East. If that is the case, they could very well host the Riders in a crossover game. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

--I’m guessing Roger Goodell won’t be going to Green Bay this weekend to watch the Packers play after what happened Monday night. Come to think of it, the Saints are at Lambeau and after what Goodell did to the Saints in the off-season, one would have to think he may not get of Green Bay alive.

--In the wake of Monday’s fiasco in Seattle, it only repeats my stance that the only reality television is sports and not this crap like Survivor, Big Brother, etc. etc. What we saw Monday night and the fallout from it was absolutely riveting. Sports is reality TV. End of story!

--Have you figured out what to do without NHL hockey in your life this winter? I thought this might end by January 1 so that the Winter Classic would go ahead as scheduled. I am talking to people now who say it might take all year to get this thing solved.

--If Goodell and the refs union could get things squared away in just a couple of real days of hard negotiations, why can’t the NHL and the NHLPA?

--If you are a Yankees fan and you listen to their games on radio, how on earth can you listen to Suzyn Waldman? Next to WWE diva/manager Vickie Guerrero, Waldman might have the most annoying female voice I have ever heard.

--I was informed on “The Sportscage” this week that Richie Hall is not eligible to go into the Riders Plaza of Honor because he is still a coach with the team. Who cares? The decision to keep Hall from getting his place in the plaza for a few years is a dumb one as far as I’m concerned. Change that policy and get a media wing established as well.

--Did you see the piece that TSN ran on Manon Rheaume Wednesday? It was 20 years ago that the female goalie played in an NHL exhibition game. She looked great 20 years ago, and she may look better today!

--The people at Old Dutch and Hostess should really thank me for consuming their product as much as I do. What is football without chips?

--I’m getting the feeling we are in for an outstanding season of playoff baseball.

--The Cubs are on the verge of losing 100 games this year. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

--I love the fact that the U of R womens soccer team has become a Canada West threat after years of being a doormat. It would be a great rags to riches story if they could get win the Canwest championship.

--The stars of High Impact Wrestling are back at it tonight at the Victoria Club. Alas, I am doing p x p for the Rams-Manitoba game so I will be unable to attend. I am sure there will be complete post-match coverage in the Leader Post Saturday morning.

--Have a great Friday and have fun at the football game. It should be a wild one with it being a Saturday night affair.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

The NHL players and owners won't come to an agreement any time soon because they don't want to. IF they wanted to, it would have been done long before September 15th.

Ryan in Lloydminster said...

Manon Rheaume=smokeshow! She changed the game for females to play with males in hockey though. There was a goalie here in Lloydminster that is now on a scholly in the States with Harvard, has played with Canada's various women's teams.

Anonymous said...

If the Riders were to crossover and Winnipeg was to finish 2nd in the East, I would say we might be seeing a GC preview Saturday night. HMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Manon Rheaume has the sexiest eyes going. That story was really well done. It sounded to me like the Lightning wanted to use her and she turned around and used them.

Anonymous said...

You really need to start cheering for a better baseball team Scruffy!

Anonymous said...

No Mitch at HIW! What a shame!

In that interview, Rheaume said she turned down a chance to pose for Playboy. If she had, that might have been an all time best seller for Playboy in Canada. A hot hockey player would have sold a lot of issues in the Great WHite North!


Anonymous said...

I'll be saving my abuse for one Geroy Simon!

Anonymous said...

I have a small business in our fine city of Regina for the past 11 years. I treat my employees more than fair,but would shutter at the idea of having to pay them 50% of the profits.It would be fine if they helped me pay insurance,utilities,taxes,R and M,property and business tax. But would they work for half their wage if I had a bad year?? Probably not. If The NHLPA thinks there is so much money in these NHL franchises,then band together and go and buy one. Its real fine to ask for the world when you have ZERO investment in the business..You are EMPLOYEES only.. REMEMBER THAT!!!! Damn Unions

Anonymous said...

Rider fans need to be loud right from the time they come out from under the helmet. GO RIDERS!!!!!!