Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something To Mitch About

I wasn't surprised to see the Saskatchewan Roughriders lose to the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday---especially after the game's first drive. When Anthony Calvillo is on top of his game, there is no one better. Calvillo was on top of his game right off the bat as he quickly put an end to the 176 minute streak the Rider defence had in not allowing the opposition into the endzone as he marched the Als down on their first possession for a TD. Just for good measure, he did it again the next time they touched the ball.

With Drew Willy guiding the Rider offence instead of Darian Durant, everything would have had to go right for the Riders win after that. It didn't and they didn't. However, give the Riders credit because they could have folded their tent, but they battled right to the end and they had their chances.

Here are just some thoughts from yours truly as to what transpired

--The Rider defence still concerns me a little. Tackling was better, but teams are still getting a good chunk of yardage on the ground. Brandon Whitaker had many big plays, and with Jon Cornish and the Stampeders coming in next Sunday, that is a problem that needs to be corrected immediately.

--Drew Willy played well, but it is clear that if this team is to have success it will do on the shoulders of Darian Durant. In fact, I think the Riders win had Durant played---a healthy Durant that is. Willy has a future in this league, but he needs time to learn the game some more and grow. Yes, people will ask how is he supposed to get that time if he doesn't play. The only way he should play consistently is if the Riders decide to shut Durant down for the season and with the team still in the battle for a home playoff game and a playoff spot, that simply won't happen.

--What was with the undisciplined penalties? That was very unRiderlike and is something that I'm sure Coach Chamblin will address when the team starts preparing for Calgary. Those 15 yard calls were killers.

--GM Brendan Taman should be commended for bringing Kory Sheets to the CFL. The only thing is will Sheets decide to try his luck south of the border again. He is the most explosive back I have seen in Rider colours and that includes Kenton Keith.

--I didn't like the Chris McKenzie hit on Brian Bratton. I thought it was low. A lot of you didn't agree with me on Twitter. I also didn't like Dwight Anderson's low hit from behind on Weston Dressler in the 4th quarter. Funny how people didn't react to that tweet. Hit the guy head on and don't go low.

--Who is in charge of the music at Molson Stadium? Other than "Crazy Train" that was just bad. Then again, the Riders constantly play "Last Saskatchewan Pirate" at their games so perhaps I shouldn't complain because its not much better here. Worst song ev-er!

--How in the world could refs spot the ball for a first down in the 4th quarter on Montreal's 3rd and 1 sneak when it was clearly evident Adrian McPherson didn't get to where he had to be. I know the first down line is not "the line", but McPherson wasn't even close. That being said, I don't blame Corey Chamblin for not challenging because you rarely win those when the ballcarrier is plunging into the line. It would have been a waste of time.

--Did Glen Suitor notice the Montreal holder was yelling "Cheeseburger" or did someone from TSN alert him to it. Regardless, that was a good nugget of information and funny too.

--Kudos to John Lu and his bowtie.

--Mick Williams is getting better and better with each game and Jay Alford is showing he can be a dominant force in the middle as well.

--Is there any thought of replacing Shomari Williams with Sam Hurl?

--Is there any thought of seeing more of Craig Butler?

Other thoughts

--Who was worse this weekend--Edmonton or Winnipeg?

--Long time voice of the Bombers Bob Irving was not happy with some members of the team yukking it up when they were getting their ass handed to them. Irving went so far to tweet that those players are morons! OUCH!

--Have the Bombers quit? On the surface it would seem so and if that's the case, the housecleaning is one that won't have this team competitive next year either because many new bodies will be inhabiting the new stadium----if its ready.

--Edmontonians aren't forgetting about that Ricky Ray trade. Eric Tillman will likely hear about that for many, many years to come.

--There were some huge offensive performances in the NFL. CFL like numbers in fact. Eli Manning throws for over 500 yards meaning he has something else on his brother. I don't think Peyton has ever thrown for that many yards. Hopefully he doesn't tonight in the Monday nighter either because if ESPN gives Peyton the verbal bj that NBC gave him last Sunday night, it will be ridiculous.

--Seeing the Cowboys get stomped on.....BEAUTIFUL! Seeing the Cowboys get stomped on in Seattle. OUTSTANDING!!! That was a beatdown.

--The Cardinals beat the Patriots?

--The NFL needs its referees back

--The NHL needs its game back. The players and owners are simply wasting their time trying to look good with various PR stunts. Both are causing irreparable damage to the game. I still believe the owners are the ones that at fault here as they continue to throw big money around and did so right until the lockout hit. Yes, the players are making too much, but if the owners are giving it to them

--Will Canadian networks hop on the American Hockey League until the lockout is over? I would have to think so.

--I had a very interesting chat with a representative of a Division 1 NCAA school who thought I was still with the SJHL. After getting off the phone with him, I'm glad I'm not. I couldn't argue with what he was saying and that's sad on a lot of levels.

--I had a chance to experience "Movies Under the Stars" Saturday night in Victoria Park with the family. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night and its a great setting. As long as the bugs stay away I'm cool. I think we will be back there next summer.

--Do you get as many 1-800, 1-877, 1-866 or whatever calls as what Casa De Blair is getting. Its beyond ridiculous. I thought there was a do not call list that I subscribed to. Is that still in existence. I think not!

--A political party phoned me this week looking to see if I had some spare change. Lets just say I hope the woman who made the call passed along my message.

--Congrats to CTV Regina's Julie Stewart-Binks on her half hour documentary surrounding Ryan Murray and the NHL draft. It sounds as if Julie put a lot of work in and to condense everything she did into a slick 30 minute package must have been an ordeal. It looked good though!

--As optimistic as Blue Jays fans are, there has to be some wondering what is happening when Baltimore can come out of nowhere to contend while Toronto spins its wheels. I think its safe to say this season has been a tremendous disappointment and while injuries did not help, the Jays should have been a contender right now and not a team playing out the string.

This is one of the baggage carousels at Edmonton International Airport. The other two feature the Oil Kings and the Eskimos. I can't believe that we didn't think of this in Regina first. The Riders, the Cougars and the Pats would be a great idea.

Money may not buy happiness, but it certainly improves the quality of your misery.

Have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this will make many of you upset but here goes

The Riders are a bad football team. They aren't as bad as Winnipeg though and they beat them twice to make their record look more aesthetically pleasing.

Does anyone really think this team has what it takes to win constantly? They don't. They will lose the next two home games no matter who the QB is because Calgary and BC are much better than the Riders. The Winnipeg wins were a mirage. Wait and see!

Anonymous said...

The Riders would have won that game if Durant was in. I hope some of the DD haters now realize how important he is to the success of this team.


Anonymous said...

No elaboration on the SJHL comment?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the lockout means the Oilers exhibition game is now a no-go. How do I get my money back?

Anonymous said...

If Sandro makes his field goals and the defence doesn't take stupid penalties, the Riders win. Willy wasn't great, but Durant hasn't been great this year either. No matter who is QB'ing, this team can win if they play smart disciplined football.


Anonymous said...

Just whose call is it to play Patrick and sit Butler??? Is it Chamblin or Hall??? I wish someone in the media would ask that question.

Anonymous said...

If whoever you were talking to about the SJ brought up the website and the team websites, he is bang on. The last entry into the website was 11 days ago. Are you going to seriously tell me nothing has happened in the league over the last 11 days? Then there are some team websites. Kindersley's last entry was last year's trade deadline. That is just a complete joke. Any kid or player that gets invited to a camp by a team checks out websites these days and this is what they are getting. Sad!

Scott in SC

Anonymous said...

McKenzie's hit was low, but I don't know if he was trying to injure Bratton. Watch football games of any level these days though and you see guys going low for some reason. Some of them end up taking a knee or a leg in the head and get concussed or worse. Better tackling procedures are needed.

Anonymous said...

The Bombers may be the worst team I have ever seen. It is obvious the problems go far deeper than Lapo's firing. I don't think they have any choice but to start over. Find 15-20 core guys and get rid of the rest and that includes Johnson and Hefney.


Anonymous said...

I think SNET has already said it will be doing AHL games and more junior games.

Mick Williams is a monster! (Sorry Pierre McGuire)

Anonymous said...

The first comment on this post isn't far from the truth. Some of you need to take your green coloured glasses off and realize this team isn't very good.


Anonymous said...

In regards to the SJ it has become a joke. People around the league that have wanted to promote it are shut up because they might say the odd controversial thing. The league is a dictatorship led by Bill Chow and a very too much influential Mike Stackhouse who thinks that he is in charge and flexes his muscle a little too much when in reality he is just a salesman from Yorkton who has ran so many people through the mud that he should be banned from covering the league at all. I used to love the league and would do anything to promote it, now I could care less if I ever set foot in the rink.


Anonymous said...

The Riders are the 6th best team in the CFL right now. Edmonton is 7th and Winnipeg is 8th. Anyone that disagrees with that is welcome to comment away as to where the Riders should be.

Anonymous said...


I told you two years ago in Melfort in the lobby of NLP that the SJHL was on a bad road. Its not getting better. I was no fan of Laury Ryan, but he is considerably better than what Bill Chow is. Chow has done nothing to improve the quality or the play of this league. In fact, I think the quality of play is getting worse and worse. I don't know about Stackhouse's power as Brad suggests, but if someone doesn't smarten up very soon this league will become irrevelant. I don't know the circumstances behind your departure, but be glad that you aren't involved anymore. Its a headache you don't need or want.

Anonymous said...

Cornish will run free again Sunday and everyone will be ready to jump off the ship again.

Anonymous said...

Did the NCAA guy mention anything about the stupid idea to remove the showcase? The AJ, BC and MJ still have the showcase and the idiot in charge here now says lets get rid of it. I heard a story about Chow and his long-term vision for the league. I don't know if its true or not, but early indications are it could be. My money will still go towards the Terriers this year and I hope they are competitive again, but the quality of this league is declining and is perhaps now the worst of all Junior A leagues in Western Canada. Time will tell.

PS: Your buddy Stackhouse does a piss-poor job in promoting the league also.