Monday, September 10, 2012

Lawler Collapses at RAW in Montreal

Famed wrestling commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed ringside at the Bell Centre during an episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw.
The former professional wrestling champion had just participated in a tag team match before fainting at the announcer’s table just after 10 p.m. After performing CPR on Lawler backstage, paramedics took him to a nearby hospital.
During the live broadcast, WWE announcer Michael Cole insisted Lawler’s health emergency was “not part of the show,” a statement followed by a break in commentary on the program.
"(Lawler’s) condition has stabilized,” Cole said in an update to the televised audience. “He's breathing on his own, and his heart is beating on its own."

The 62 year old Lawler has been in the wrestling business for 40 years and is a staple of WWE programming.


Anonymous said...

Very bizarre episode as Cole seemed genuinely rattled. Sounds like Lawler will be fine, but off of TV for quite a while. So much for the Punk-Lawler angle.

Anonymous said...

The King is an institution! Get better Jerry!

Anonymous said...

What an awkward episode.