Saturday, September 29, 2012

Katz Apologizes To Oilers Fans

Oilers owner Daryl Katz has written a letter that appears in both the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal today after he went on a fact-finding mission to Seattle because his attempts at securing a downtown arena have hit a snag. Here's the letter.

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Anonymous said...

Most people in Edmonton knew it was a pressure tactic, and it blew up back in Katz’s face. He looks like the little child who runs off pouting in the corner after mom and dad tell him no. For a millionaire to ask for subsidies that exceed the amount he agreed to invest in the new arena in the first place, was an absolute slap to the face to all Edmonton residents (Oiler fans or not)

If Phoenix won’t be moved, what makes Katz think that the NHL will let the Oilers move when they’ve sold out the past 200+ games? I don’t think this was a Katz apology, I think Bettman told Katz to do the apology. I would guess that Bettman told Katz he was dreaming thinking of the Oilers possibly moving in the first place.