Monday, October 1, 2012

Drunk Fan Takes Out Bombers Mascot

Look out Gainer! Look out Worksafe Bob! This individual could come to Regina to do here what he did to Buzz on Friday night.

It gets good around the 50 second mark.

BLOGGER NOTE: Seeing Worksafe Bob go down during "Last Saskatchewan Pirate" would be a highlight!!! He just creeps me out!


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Anonymous said...

I hate Worksafe Bob. I would laugh my ass off if someone took care of him even if the Riders were losing 40-zip.


Anonymous said...

about 20 years ago, my wife and i usually went to one game a year (from Saskatoon) and it was the Labour Day Classic. The year I remember, Buzz and Boomer actually travelled to Regina to take part in the game. I remember Gainer and them haming it up and having fun and then in the 4th some fans jumped the stands and started to kick the crap out of them. that was the last we saw of B&B at Taylor Field! That security guard was right there too.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Ryan!! YEAHHHHH!!!