Thursday, October 4, 2012

This And That

--The Thanksgiving weekend is upon us. We are just over two months away from Christmas. GAKKKKK!!!!

--The Riders will play on Thanksgiving Monday. Its not often the Riders play a Monday game. It should be different watching the game and then digesting it while digesting turkey if you are one that has your meal on Monday. Am I wrong or didn’t the Riders play a Thanksgiving Day game against Calgary a few years ago.

--The highly anticipated 13th man documentary will air after the game as the “Engraved on a Nation” series starts on TSN. I can’t wait to see it. I have heard several great things about it from people who have had a sneak preview.

--Corey Chamblin did something this past week that sort of went by un-noticed. Chamblin admitted making a mistake Saturday night in the win over the Lions by not going for two after the Greg Carr touchdown. Coaches usually don’t admit they made a mistake. Good on him.

--There are many TV’s in Mosaic Stadium, but do they have TSN2 available? Why? Read on. Last week in Winnipeg, the Bombers scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery in the 1st quarter. Argos coach Scott Milanovich threw the challenge flag and then picked it up because every scoring play is now reviewed and the touchdown was obviously a scoring play. Problem!!! The replay officials in the press box were unable to see the play because at the time the football game was on TSN2 due to TSN’s extended Ryder Cup coverage. Normally, the officials would look at it and if there was a question, they would send the matter to the CFL control center in Toronto. Seeing there was no call made, Winnipeg just about got a touchdown that they shouldn’t of---all because of golf.

--I have called for this many times, but I will call for it again. Can TSN not have a camera in the CFL control centre so that whoever can explain the call? I love it when Mike Pereira comes on FOX or Gerry Austin comes on ESPN to explain the rule. If the CFL doesn’t wish to have someone speak on the matter, get a former official! This would really enhance the broadcasts and having the rules explained to us by someone in charge might clarify some matters.

--Tony Romo throws 5 INT’s on Monday Night Football. LOVE IT!!! Romo is the most over-rated QB in the NFL in this blogger's opinion. Just because he has a star on the side of his head makes many think he is a star. He’s not! The Cowboys simply can’t win a Super Bowl with Romo as its quarterback. Jerry Jones needs to sit down and look at the future and decide to either keep Romo, trade him or draft a young QB that will hopefully for him bring back the glory days the team had when Aikman and Staubach were the QB’s. Romo has had enough time to get it done. He can’t. In all fairness to Romo, receiver Dez Bryant isn’t helping him as he is becoming the NFL’s version of Demetrius Bendross or Bendrops as Rob Vanstone refers to him. I often wonder if Romo would be seen differently if he played somewhere else that doesn’t get the attention the Cowboys get. Would he be better served in a place like Cincinnati, Kansas City or Tampa Bay?

--The Chicago Cubs lost 100 games for the first time since 1966 this season. Hoo-FRICKIN-Ray!!!

--The Blue Jays season was a step back as far as I’m concerned. Yes, the team was hit hard by injuries, but when you consider the Baltimore Orioles were 12 games back of Toronto last year and the Orioles are ahead by 21 this year it means they were doing something to win that the Jays weren’t. The argument that Toronto can’t get to the playoffs because they are in baseball’s richest division no longer holds smoke. By the way, the Jays, KC and Pittsburgh are the only teams not to be in the post-season since 2000.

--I’m guessing Boston Red Sox fans aren’t disappointed over the firing of Bobby Valentine. Is John Farrell the new guy? What will it cost Boston and can the Jays ink Terry Francona to a deal before Cleveland does.

--I haven’t seen the answer to this, but I’m sure its out there. Why is the team with the better record or the divisional winner opening on the road in the divisional series. Shouldn’t they be hosting the first two games? I was surprised to see that the Yankees will either be in Texas or Baltimore and that the Nationals will go to either Atlanta or St. Louis. The same goes in the other two series where Oakland and Cincinnati have better records. It’s a 2-3-2 format, but I think it really favours the teams hosting Game 1 as they can use homefield to get off to a great start. For what its worth, I'm taking the Tigers to win the World Series beating San Francisco.

--She hasn’t been seen on WWE TV shows for a while and she won’t be period. I speak of diva Kelly Kelly who has decided its time to move on.

As you can see, that’s too bad!

--Can we go through October without seeing any white stuff? I hope so!!

--I’ve actually started doing some Christmas shopping. What is the matter with me?

--Must see TV is Don Hewitt doing the noon sports on CTV. He’s a true legend and a true beaut!

--Why is it people are ignorant to the fact that the aisle in the grocery store says 16 items or less for a reason. I’m in the friendly neighbourhood Sobeys Tuesday for 10 percent off day and I’m taking the stuff out of my cart. A woman, with her small child who is not out of control, but loud, is behind me and is agitated because she has to wait when she sees no one in the express lane. She moves in there with a cart that is full and wayyyyyyyy over the 16 item limit. As I am paying, I look at the express lane to see a line of about 5 or 6 people and none of them are too happy. I can’t imagine why? She is oblivious to what is going on and just continues on her merry way. That being said, why do people go to the grocery store on 10 percent Tuesday to buy just a handful of items. It doesn’t make sense.

--Is anybody buying or eating hamburger right now with this e-coli scare. There is still ground beef on the shelves of grocery stores, but are people buying it even though the grocer says its safe? With one Regina restaurant closing its doors temporarily because of the scare, one has to ask where restaurants and fast food outlets are getting their burgers from. It would obviously be devastating for McDonalds, Burger King, etc. etc. to have to stop selling hamburgers.

--I’ve heard a couple of people bring this up and you’ve probably seen that Rod Pedersen has a poll up on his blog regarding the NHL using replacement players. Mark me down as a NO! I go or watch the NHL and other pro sports because I want to see the stars. The NHL with replacement players would basically be senior hockey in a much bigger venue. I’ll pass!

--Chad Novak has proven again that he is an embarrassment to this city with his latest stunt regarding Larry Schneider and outgoing Mayor Fiacco. Once the election is over on October 24, I sincerely hope for Regina’s sake that we have seen and heard the last of this individual! Actually, I would like to see him one more time. I'd like to see him step in the ring with Pasquale----all for charity of course! I think some charity would make a pile of money. You might have to have that bout in the Brandt Centre.

--Speaking of the Brandt Centre, what needs to be done there to get some noise in there during a Pats game? It was deathly quiet in there Wednesday night and Moose Jaw was in town.

--The dumb moment of the week goes to yours truly. Wednesday night on the Sportscage we were discussing the postponement of the Jordan Eberle jersey retirement night. Ebs can’t make it for Tuesday’s ceremony because he is playing for Oklahoma City while the lockout is on and the sked isn’t conducive to him being here. I asked when OkC would be in Winnipeg to play the Moose because perhaps he could just slide over after that. Former Pats coach Curtis Hunt then texted Rod to remind me that the Moose are now longer in Winnipeg because of the Jets. Well DUHHHHHH!!!! What a colossal OOPS on my part. Thanks Huntsy!!!!

The NFL Network’s “A Football Life” on the 95 Cleveland Browns is a great watch.

The provincial government moved the minimum wage up to 10 dollars. That should make everyone in radio-land happy. I rememeber way back when I started journalism school in Lethbridge. The news director from one of the TV stations came in and the first thing he said was "Who is getting into this business to make a lot of money?". A couple of students raised their hand and he told them if that was the case to get out because you have to work for years to get good money in this business. How true he was.

If you are on the highway this weekend, keep it between the lines and get to and from your destination safely. Have a great Thanksgiving and GO RIDERS!!!


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the WWE, but there is no denying they have trotted out some beauties to ringside over the years. I don't think there was anyone hotter than Trish Stratus though!


Anonymous said...

The Brandt Centre? Novak-Fiacco would have go to at Mosaic! You would get at least 20-thousand to see Pat pulverize that little puke------all for charity of course!

Anonymous said...

Give the Pats credit for trying to create a game-day atmosphere, but at the end of the day, hockey fans sit on thier hands here unlike football fans. Its been that way for years. The atmosphere was even dead when Canada played their exhibition games here for the World Jrs. I don't know what you have to do to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Calgary played in Regina Thanksgiving Day 2003 and the Riders played in Calgary Thanksgiving Day 2007 and 2008.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Pat would be more than willing to do this. Great idea Scruffy!!

Anonymous said...

Mitch, I may be completely off base on this one, but I heard the Argos and Riders are going to play every year at Thanksgiving with the site rotating meaning they will play here next Thanksgiving Monday. Is that true?

Mitchell Blair said...

I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't cross the back alley to watch NHL replacement players. Thanks, but no thanks!

Anonymous said...

Novak is a complete and total buffoon. He isn't that stupid to want to step into the ring with Pat. If he is, I am so there.


Anonymous said...

TSN could have an official in the studio, but he would probably be going "What the hell is going on?" like we all do.