Thursday, October 25, 2012

This And That

A weekly assortment of scrambled thoughts and opinions running through my brain. In no particular order, here we go.

-At the start of the baseball playoffs, I picked the Detroit Tigers to beat the San Francisco Giants in six games. That can still happen, but it means the Tigers must sweep the next 4 and I don't think that is going to happen. Apparently Justin Verlander is human while Pablo Sandoval was walking around with the ghost of Barry Bonds in him in Game 1.

-I have said it many times since this blog started, but baseball must do something to protect the pitcher. How on earth did Tigers pitcher Doug Fister continue to pitch after this?

That guy obviously has one tough noggin, but are there any after-effects? Should he not have been taken out of the game to see if he was 100 percent instead of trainers simply talking to him? It would seem as if Fister is OK, but how is he feeling this morning? Its time to put batting helmets or something on the heads of pitchers. If Fister would have laid motionless on the field for a few minutes, you can be certain that would be the case come opening day next year.

-John Farrell has really come off as one giant douchebag. He thanks the Jays for giving him his first managerial opportunity by saying he never really embraced Toronto and wanted to be in Boston all along. He never even thanked Toronto in his welcome back press conference in Boston for giving him a chance. There was obviously a lot of animosity there that we didn't see. The funny thing is I see Toronto winning more games without Farrell next year than I do Boston with him.

--Going through the CFL playoffs as the crossover team or the 3rd place team in the West. That is the debate that people across the league are having right now. The Riders will likely end all talk of that on Saturday afternoon when they take on the Argonauts, but arguments are being had as to how it can be easier to get to the 100th Grey Cup by going through Toronto and Montreal. Yahoo CFL blogger Andrew Buchholtz has an interesting take right here

--I've often thought about this before, and CJME's Jamie Nye brought it up again after this last weekend of CFL play. Would the CFL ever consider going as one eight or nine team conference and abandon its current divisional format? The answer is obviously no, but when you look at this year's records, you see the Riders are in position to have a home playoff game that they won't get. Here are the overall standings going into the weekend

1. BC 12-4
2. Calgary 10-6
3. Montreal 10-6
4. Saskatchewan 8-8
5. Toronto 7-9
6. Edmonton 7-9
7. Hamilton 5-11
8. Winnipeg 5-11

If the season was over, you would give the Lions and Stamps a first round bye meaning Montreal would play Edmonton and the Argos would take on the Riders in the semi-final games. Ironically, you would have two playoff previews this weekend. The CFL wants that East-West Grey Cup, but I like this idea and have liked it for years instead of the crossover.

The CFL's rationale as to why Shea Emry was fined and not suspended makes the league look Mickey Mouse. Sorry, but the reasoning used when the fine was announced was about as bush league as you can get. If for some reason the Als and Riders meet again this year, it won't be hard to find a story line or two.

--If you frequent, you may have seen the story written by yours truly on GM Brendan Taman. I had a great interview with Taman. I will most likely put that interview up on the blog sometime this weekend.

--Congratulations from this blogger to new mayor Michael Fougere. I was of the opinion the race was over the day he announced his candidacy as he has the best vision for Regina in the future and that is with or without a stadium. Regina is a much better place than it was when Pat Fiacco took over office 12 years ago. I don't know if Fougere will be around for 12 years, but I'm guessing he will take the torch from Pat and continue to make this city's reputation grow and get better in many areas.

--I don't know who Karl Schubach is, but the video he put on YouTube this week was simply gold. By the way, has anyone seen a bright orange Solstice on one of the many highways leading out of town?

--How many years has Dexter been on and how long would it take me to catch up if I started watching past episodes? I think I've missed a great show.

--Congrats to Regina Pats forward Trent Ouellette for making Team WHL at the Subway Super Series. While Ouellette goes, I have to wonder why Morgan Klimchuk isn't.

--President Barack Obama has even told the NHL and its players to get their you know what together and strike a deal. You would think these two sides would realize the magnitude of what they are doing to the sport and sit down day after day after day and hammer out a deal. NOPE!!!

--The stars of High Impact Wrestling are back at it Friday night at the Victoria Club. Alas, I will miss my 2nd straight event due to the fact I am calling the Rams/Alberta game for Access. Don't worry Rex Roberts, I haven't forgotten about you and I'm guessing as is usually the case, you will treat the crowd to yet another loss. He should have run for mayor....I would have had more respect for him than you know who.

--I wonder who the Regina Thunder might get as its new head coach? Can I throw out the name of Ron Cherkas? I would throw out the name Matt Dominguez, but I can't see him making the commute to Regina every night from Moose Jaw.  I wonder who the Regina Red Sox will get as their new manager? Whoever it is has huge shoes to fill considering what Rob Cherepuschak and Justin Eiswirth did. Perhaps its time for Craig Slater to come out of the press box where he writes for the LP and take over. Ok, maybe not! I do have one idea and it is the name of a former player, but I don't know if he is still in Regina or not. Would Mitch MacDonald make a good manager?

--I didn't see Tampa going into the Metrodome and slapping the taste right out of the Vikings mouth. They looked impressive and the Vikes have been no slouch this year----well at least until Thursday night.

--I've decided I'm only going to drink on two occassions 1)My birthday 2) Days that aren't my birthday. Are we clear on that!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought the CFL should be one eight team conference as well. Does it really need to be an East-West Grey Cup? You want the two best teams and many times that game has been played in the Western final.


Anonymous said...

I think Dexter is in Season 5, so it would be a bit of time to catch up, but once football is over and with no nhl you can do it quick. just sign up for Movie Central and i think you can watch all season 'on demand'. Great show. (also watch Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy if you are looking for more).

Anonymous said...

The Blue Jays will have a better team than the Red Sox in 13. Can't wait for the first time they come to Toronto and hear Farrell try to explain himself. He was a bad manager anyhow so Boston can have him.


Anonymous said...

I agree with LD. A one conference CFL would end any talk of a crossover whatsoever. I want to see the two best teams play on GC Sunday and if those two teams are both from the West or the East so be it.


Anonymous said...

Dexter is just starting season 7, and at only 13 episodes per season, 40 minutes an episode, it's not a massive time commitment.

Great show!

Mike said...

what a about giving the division leaders first round byes. The other four get seeded by their records. The bottom four would be like this; 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. The winners get seeded by the way they finished in the regular season. Who cares about east-west grey cup then.