Saturday, October 20, 2012

Riders Sneak In To Playoffs

Andy Fantuz has gotten the Riders into the playoffs. No, that is not a typo. Fantuz couldn't handle the snap on a potential game winning field goal by Luca Congi giving the Calgary Stampeders a win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. That victory by Calgary puts the Riders into the playoffs even though they were beaten by the Alouettes earlier in the day. Comments and thoughts will be coming over the next little while.

What is left to be determined is where the Riders will play. Chances are it will be in Calgary, but they could still end up being the crossover team and go East to likely play the Argos.


Anonymous said...

And isn't it ironic, dont'cha think!!!

Anonymous said...

Our best bet is the crossover. We can't beat the Stamps in Calgary and the Lions in B.C. But we can thump the Argos in T.O. and beat the Als in Montreal. Then the Grey Cup game boils down to a one game deal against B.C. at a neutral stadium.


Anonymous said...

We can be the Als ...... really??? They killed us with back-ups, they will eat us once they get regulars back. I dont believe in taking the easy way to get to the cup. If you cant beat the "elite" teams to get there u dont deserve to be in it.

Anonymous said...

Id rather go through the west. If hte riders play like we know they can, they can beat calgary and BC.