Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Behaviour Continues At Brier

The Curling News has learned that while no 2013 Brier competitors have been fined for misbehaviour, a member of one team damaged some equipment used by The Sports Network (TSN) earlier in the week – and restitution was paid for said equipment.

As reported in the cover story of our March print issue, Brier competitors can be fined by on-ice officials if their language or behaviour crosses the line, and in the past the Canadian Curling Association has taken action – although neither fines nor other disciplinary actions are usually acknowledged.

The subject of Brier behaviour and discipline made our cover due to the ejection of Saskatchewan second Chris Schille during one of his team’s provincial championship playoff games, plus the subsequent media furor his dismissal created.

The Curling News then created a good-natured video meme of Brock Virtue’s Saskatchewan foursome, based on the theme from the television show COPS – which has turned into a minor sensation.

According to the CCA, no player at this year’s Brier has been fined for any misbehaviour. The CCA has confirmed that warnings have been issued throughout the event, and The Curling News has learned that Saskatchewan and Kevin Martin’s host team are among them.

In addition, one particular warning was issued to all competitors following an incident involving television equipment.

According to sources, one of the Alberta competitors removed his player microphone and receiver and threw the equipment against a rink board, causing an estimated $4,000 in damage. Team Alberta has since paid TSN for the cost of the equipment, and a subsequent warning was issued to the entire field of athletes.


Anonymous said...

There's been a lot of foul language caught by TSN mics. I'm OK with it though. A mic shouldn't mean frustration is silenced. Get a better audio guy TSN!

Anonymous said...

$10 bucks say it was Hebert that broke the equipment.

Anonymous said...

Bad behavior at the Canadian Men's Curling Cjampionship ? how old are some of these so called professionals ? Real professional sports penalizes bad conduct on the field of play. Rules are rules and should be regulated and Inforced accordingly.

Anonymous said...

It was Morris. You owe me 10 bucks.