Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stompin Tom Passes Away

R.I.P Stompin Tom. I think it should be mandatory that all hockey games in this country have this song played sometime before the weekend is over,


Anonymous said...

I second the motion. I have personally attended 6 Stompin Tom Connors concerts and what an Entertainer for old and yound. God Bless His Soul!! Polkabillfrom the Peg!

Mike from Vita,MB said...

RIP Stompin Tom!

Anonymous said...

Take your deserved rest Mr. Stomping Tom Connors, Thank you for you for representing and being a true Canadian, they'll never be another like you. ElA

Anonymous said... about this song to replace the Last Saskatchewan Pirate?

75flyersbestteamever said...

An Canuck storyteller passes having done his job well.
--as a kid in the 70s I remember seeing him on TV and thought agewise he was 50-60 years old then. Tom must have had a LOT of those Sudbury Saturday Nights
--thoughts and prayers to his family and the lumber industry.