Friday, March 29, 2013

This And That

That screen capture won't go down in TSN's highlight film anytime soon. I don't know what happened in the TSN headquarters on Wednesday night, but I'm guessing TSN brass did. Say what you will, but that was some big-time egg on the face of Canada's #1 sports network. Mistakes will happen and fortunately for the network, it wasn't Bob McKenzie or Darren Dreger reporting the trade. It does sound as if Jarome Iginla perhaps may be to blame by shunning the Bruins for the Penguins, but the bottom line is "you don't need to get it first, you just need to get it right".

Here's a question for you Flames fans. Who was the greater player to wear the flaming 'C". Was it Iggy or was it Theoren Fleury? I might say the latter.

Farewell to Costa Maragos. After 23 years of being a fixture on the CBC Saskatchewan news, Costa hung it up on Thursday night. Hey Costa, if you decide you're getting back into being a newsreader, you can't have the afternoon gig at CKRM----at least not yet! Like there would ever be a decision by Harvard management if he expressed an interest. Back when Roy Shivers got fired, we were all looking for comments from him, but he was doing his best to evade us. I was getting ready to do the sports show at CJME when I received a phone call from Costa. He was kind enough to let me know that he had an exclusive interview with Roy and that my name had come up. He said he listened to the show all the time when on his way home and he thought I'd be interested in Roy's famous statement when asked who should replace him. That quote being "It can be Carm Carteri, John Gormley or Mitchell Blair as far as I care since they seem to have all the answers." That statement of course shocked, but flattered me at the same time.  Kudos to CTV for putting competition aside to do a story on Costa Thursday night as well. He is a Regina legend and whoever fills his spot at CBC will have some big shoes to fill. I'm guessing that makes Mr. Seniority in Regina now my former co-worker at CJME Alec Docking. He's been in the biz for many years and I'm guessing retirement will soon be knocking on his door as well.

The Canadian country band "High Valley" was in the CKRM studios Friday afternoon. I was introduced to the band and I knew that they were from the tiny town of Lacrete, Alberta which is in the Peace Country. I worked in Peace River and spent some time in Lacrete so I happened to mention that to the band. When they asked what my name was, one of the guys recognized it as the play-by-play guy for the senior hockey league (North Peace Hockey League). That was a long time ago. I was impressed.  I have heard they put on some pretty good shows and I would have liked to seen their performance at the Casino Regina show lounge on Thursday but alas I had other plans.

I can't wait for opening day to get here. For some reason, I'm more excited than usual about the start of the baseball season. I'm a big baseball fan as it is, but even though the Cubs are going nowhere, I'm really looking forward to the season.

I feel bad for Lorne Molleken. He went from being the toast of the town in Saskatoon when the Blades won 18 straight to everyone wanting him out of town after the team was swept in four straight by Medicine Hat. This statement may not make me popular in Saskatoon, but if the Blades rebound to win the Memorial Cup, they don't deserve it. I'm not a big fan of a host team being decided months before the event for a variety of reasons. I understand you can't just parachute a Memorial Cup into a place with short notice, but the WHL won't have two deserving reps at the event. It would be better if both Portland and Edmonton or whoever ends up in the league final were there. Again though, that is just my opinion and things won't be changing anytime soon.

I also feel bad for Rich Preston as he was shown the door in Lethbridge this week. Rod Pedersen said Rich turned down an opportunity to join Darryl Sutter in Los Angeles because he didn't want to give up on the Canes. Rich is a good man and if he doesn't find another WHL gig, he will get back into the NHL. Current Pats p x p man Phil Andrews has suggested current Pats assistant Malcolm Cameron would be a good replacement for Preston. I can't disagree with that.

The Swift Current Broncos were jobbed in Game 4 of their series against Calgary. It was obvious to everyone except the stripes that the Hitmen scored their goal in overtime thanks to a gloved pass. The Hitmen even admitted it in talking to CTV's Lee Jones after the game. It just begs the question again as to why officials are off-limits when it comes to post-game comments. If they are the story, which they were in this game, they should have microphones thrown in front of their face to explain their side of the story. Guys like Ed Hochuli and Jim Joyce have done it in the past without any hesitation, but others won't. Leagues should change that policy because as fans we sometimes deserve an explanation and one that shouldn't come from the league.

I never have and I never will understand the hate that some factions of the Rider Nation has for general manager Brendan Taman. The guy can do the job and the list of players that he has brought into this league over his career is a sparkling one. I highly applaud the Riders for the two year contract extension they gave Taman. This team continues to make the right moves in my mind. Will it translate into success on the field. We will find out in June!

Marquette officially killed my March Madness bracket!

Alex Rodriguez will make more money this year than the opening day roster of the Houston Astros! Think about that for a second. Speaking of the Yankees, they have Vernon Wells AND Lyle Overbay. Who's next? Shannon Stewart? John MacDonald?

Gregg Drinnan's book on the tragic bus crash that took the lives of four Swift Current Broncos is a great read. I highly recommend it to any hockey fan out there.

Pete Paczko and I taped the 100th LockerTalk this past Tuesday on Access 7. Have we really done 100 shows? Pete has done many more when the show was called Sportszone and I helped out for a couple of years on that program, but it has been a great snapshot as to what a great city Regina is when it comes to the athletes, the coaches, the volunteers, etc. etc. Its great that some of these people get the 15 minutes of fame that they deserve. We are much more than a football and hockey city folks.

How about Rey Williams' interview with Rod Monday in the Sportscage. The linebacker did not pull any punches when talking about Kent Austin. It just makes those two games between the Riders and Ti-Cats that much spicier this season. I don't think it will happen, but can you imagine the electricity inside Mosaic if those two teams met on GC Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone! If you are travelling, keep it between the lines!


lee said...

it was funny rey's comment on Kent, you could hear Rods jaw hit the ground when rey put down rods idol

Anonymous said...

Hey Scruffy, nothing against Phil, but you should be hosting Cage when Roddie isn't there. You've got that natural ability to talk like Roddie does and Phil seems nervous.


Anonymous said...

Fleury by a landslide IMO

75flyersbestteamever said...

Hey MB;

How about the dude with the 'Stache
Lanny MacDonald as greatest Captain for Calgary...dude still is an icon today. Theo nowhere in that league, respectfully shown. Iggy may but time will tell

Anonymous said...

Loved the RW comment. Can't wait for that game to be played and yeah, it would be unreal at Mosaic if those two teams met at GC. It would be tomblike if Hamilton won though.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Fleury was more dynamic, but Iggy was more of a team player. Tough call on that one. Probably have to go with Theo because he has a SC. Good question though.


Anonymous said...

It is rather funny how spin doctors put spins on a persons credentials. Saying Taman was the manager of record in three of the last six Crey Cups. In 2007 for sure but after that c'mon. He was Millers underling for a number of years and only last year took full control. We all know how that season ended. In reality he has never been the GM of a GC Champion. Very few if any real impact players have come in under him. He has a losing record as a GM. Winnipeg finally seen through him. Need I go on. Yet our Board of Directors gives him a two year extension before he has actually "WON" anything. It clearly shows incompetence at the Board level. It also speaks to why in 100 years we have only been able to eke out three Grey Cups. It is almost incredulous how we in this sporting community embrace losers. Excellent people get excellent results. Taman's results have not been excellent yet we laud his extension. Accept mediocrity and you will ascend to it.

Anonymous said...

If Conacher doesn't come back, I would endorse Cameron as his replacement. He will be a head coach somewhere in this league. There are also some good SJ coaches as you would know who could fit the bill.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Been a blades fan all my life. I am so very disappointed what happened. The paid that high price for all those players and for what? 2 home playoffs games that saw them score one goal. No Mitch they don't deserve it. I really don't want them to win. I am so glad I don't have memorial cup tickets. That team, if you can call it that, gave up and didn't care. Molleken may have coached his last whl playoff game. What a way to go out. 12 straight losses.
It was said early on in the year that the team that only won 7 games had more heart. I think I agree.

Anonymous said...

Iggy was the heart and soul of the Flames. He is the greatest to ever wear the "C".

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone really care what you think?

Anonymous said...

Probably for the same reason no one cares what you think!