Thursday, March 28, 2013

Riders Extend Taman's Contract

Saskatchewan Roughrider President/CEO Jim Hopson announced today the contract extension of General Manager Brendan Taman. The new two-year extension will see Taman continue in his role with the organization through the 2015 season.


“Brendan has proven himself to be a valuable member of our organization. By completing this extension we have created continuity within the Riders Football Operations,” stated Hopson. “We feel Brendan is continuously increasing the talent level of this team and we are excited to move forward under Brendan’s direction.” 


Taman is entering his fourth year as General Manager of the Riders and fifth season since returning to the club in 2009. Taman took over complete control of the football operations department in November of 2011.


“I am once again grateful for the vote of confidence shown to me by Jim Hopson and the Riders Board of Directors,” stated Taman. “I understand and welcome the expectations and responsibilities that go along with having this position. My job is to keep moving this team forward and I am confident we have the people in place to do that.”


Taman had a busy winter heading into the 2012 season. He filled a vacancy by hiring current Head Coach Corey Chamblin and completed an overhaul of the previous year’s roster  by adding CFL veterans like Dominic Picard, Brendon Labatte, and Jock Sanders while adding new talent like Kory Sheets, Xavier Fulton, Terrell Maze, and Drew Willy. The 2012 Canadian Draft saw the Riders select stalwarts Ben Heenan and Sam Hurl.

In January 2013, Taman orchestrated a trade acquiring Geroy Simon, the CFL’s All-Time Leading Receiver and then locked up free agents Tyron Brackenridge, Dwight Anderson, Weldon Brown, Ricky Foley and Renauld Williams.

Taman is entering his 26th season in the CFL and has appeared in three Grey Cup Championship games in the past six years.


Anonymous said...

Some will hate this move, I don't.


peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Let the Taman haters come forth!! Whaddaya say now?

Anonymous said...

What a mistake! I thought Hopson knew his football. I was wrong!

Anonymous said...

I would have liked some results this year before this announcement is made. If for some reason, the Riders shit the bed coming out of the gate, this will look bad.


Anonymous said...

I'm with PDR. Good job Riders!

Anonymous said...

Taman may not have the championships. but one can't deny what talent he has brought into both the Rider Nation and the CFL. This is a good move.


Anonymous said...

Taman ???? Disaster looms In Riderville. Sorry Mr. Cory Chamblin, you take the fall for this Inept extended hire when the desired on field results are not to the satisfaction of the Sk. Roughriders fanbase because of his personal so called team build that don't pan out. Just a matter of time before you question yourself, your good reputation and your decision to work under someone who knows absolutely nothing about professional football, or any kind of football for that matter. See Ya.