Sunday, March 24, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

It really is the dead time around these parts. The hockey season is done and we are waiting on football. Until then, there isn’t a lot to talk about around here. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of things to talk about so in no particular order, here goes.

 --Saskatoon Blades fans were crowing when their team won 18 straight. They should have been crowing, but how much does that streak mean now as their team is down two games to none to the Medicine Hat Tigers?  We all know goaltending can take a team a long way in the playoffs and Tiger puckstopper Cam Lanigan has certainly been the difference.

--How depressing is it again for Saskatchewan WHL fans knowing that the Eastern Conference playoffs could be short in our province. Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Swift Current are all down two games to none in their respective series. Why can’t a Saskatchewan based WHL team compete with the Alberta teams come playoff time? I refuse to believe that all of the organizations in Alberta, and Brandon are better than all of the collective organizations in Saskatchewan, yet it happens year after year after year it would seem. Other than Moose Jaw getting to the WHL final one year and getting to the East final last year,  there is a huge drought in our province when it comes to teams getting to round 3.  I would love to see two Saskatchewan based teams play one another in an East final, but that prospect doesn’t look good anytime soon.

-- In the wake of the new TSN/CFL agreement, there is a lot of talk about the salary cap and how much it should go up. It certainly should go up, but it is a good question as to how much it should be raised by.  I believe the salary cap for this year is 4.4 million dollars. Do I see that cap going as high as 10 million per season…! Do I see it going to 6 or 7…yes.  Lets gradually increase it and lets gradually try to retain our marquee players. The CFL still won’t be able to compete with the NFL when it comes to salaries and if a CFL player wants to try his luck down south, he is still more than allowed to. However, give that player a little more money to have in his pocket up here so that the decision of being a regular here and getting a good cheque or not playing regularly is something to think about. 

--I can only imagine the uproar in this province if Weston Dressler said he was going to compete in an MMA event and that his team knew nothing about it. That is happening in Toronto where the league’s MOP Chad Owens surprised the Argos and everyone by saying he was competing in an MMA fight. I don’t have to tell you how dangerous and barbaric an MMA fight can be. If Owens was to get hurt, it would be disastrous for himself, the Argos and the CFL as a whole as the league’s marquee player would be M-I-A. Owens has some explaining to do and the Argos have to sit him down to say they need to be included in any talks involving extra-curricular activities like this.  I know other sports have clauses in contracts saying guys can’t do anything in the off-season that would result in injury. Does the CFL? They might now!

--Its too bad to see Joe Lobendahn’s time in Riderville come to an end. I thought his arrival really solidified the Rider defense. Here’s hoping Rey Williams if the rumour is true about his impending return is the player he was when he was here before.

--Gonzaga’s loss to Wichita State on Saturday night blew up my bracket! Then again, I don't have Florida Gulf Coast, Oregon or Lasalle either. I have 10 of the 16 teams going to the Sweet 16 though and I've only lost one team from my final four which was Gonzaga. Go Michigan!

--The pictures following this past week’s storm were unbelievable. Its hard to think that major highways were not passable because of snowdrifts. I’ve never seen that before.  It makes me wonder what it was like years ago when a thing like a cellphone or a Highways Hotline was not applicable. Did people just risk it and what happened if they became stuck or in the ditch? I don’t know if I want to think about that scenario. Then again I do remember spending four hours in a ditch many years ago where I couldn’t get out of one side of the car upon returning to Peace River, Alberta after doing a hockey game. That wasn’t fun and is probably one of the reasons why I’m not a big fan of driving highways in the winter time anymore.
--The TSN ad featuring Mike Richards and manscaping. DUMB DUMB DUMB STUPID STUPID STUPID!!

--Tiger Woods appears to be back at the top of his game. Thank god for Lindsey Vonn! I’m guessing that a ski-pole might hurt a little more than a 5 iron though so behave Tiger!

--I’m guessing the snow will be on the ground still when opening day hits next week. Will it still be on the ground when the Masters starts? That would be highly depressing.

--Isn’t it somewhat fitting that Martin Brodeur has 666 wins as a Devil? While on the topic of Brodeur, some are talking about his “goal” the other night and if it should be awarded to him. Why not? The rule states the last one to touch the puck gets credit for it. The debate is now on if the NHL should go the way of soccer and award “own goals” when a member of the team scores on his own net. I say no! Let soccer have their rule and hockey have theirs.

--Why won’t the NHL players association adopt hybrid icing?

--I thought this was the year the Oilers would turn the corner and make the playoffs. That doesn’t appear to be happening. I think their inability and their tire-spinning is one reason why I haven’t truly come back to the game yet.

--Can I go back to my mid 20’s for just two weeks?

--What happened to Ricky Romero?

--Those that think the Blue Jays can go to the World Series need to look at the L-A Angels of Anaheim and see the batting order of Mike Trout. Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mark Trumbo staring them in the face. If the Angels don’t win the American League, there is something wrong.

--Memo to Chuck E Cheese. If Saturday afternoon is your busiest time of the week, which I’m thinking it is, then have your games working. You have a nine year old that was not impressed. That being said, if skee-ball becomes an Olympic sport, we may have a medal contender. The girl can play.





Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Riders keep Lobendahn and Williams and let the two compete for job? The winner stays and the loser could be trade bait.


Anonymous said...

The Hitmen and Oil Kings have NHL money, the Rebels have Brent Sutter. Not sure about Lethbridge and Brandon has Kelly McCrimmon. The front office staffs in Sask just aren;t that strong. The numbers don't lie.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rey is the player he was when he left. If he's not, a mistake might have been made here.


75flyersbestteamever said...

Mid twenties for two weeks?
- Holy Cow I'm sure a few of us given that scenario would make "The Hangover" look like "Driving Miss Daisy" #loadupthecooler #getallyourshotsuptodate

Anonymous said...

The Oilers still need a lot of help.

Anonymous said...

Another shot at the Pats?

Anonymous said...

Chuck E Cheese is a horrible place. I was there once and swore I would never take my 7 year old to again. There wasn't even any "yummy mummies" to look at.


Anonymous said...

I agree with perry

Anonymous said...

Roughriders a very unbalanced team on defense/offence/financially. Signing some old very over priced players not good for long term health of the franchise. Wonder how much the Riders on the hook for the signed Joe Lobendahn contract extension. Totally agree with the post by perry.

mike said...

is brent parker stressed out well maybe put a winner on the ice. Who cares about two for one hot dogs, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anon, I guess you haven't heard that CFL teams don't keep paying players after they release them? But feel free to keep commenting anyway.

Last year, the team was too young and inexperienced. This year they added some experience, but that's not good either? Awesome.