Friday, December 30, 2016

This and That

2017 is upon us.  2016 wasn't the greatest, so let's hope for a better 2017. Here are a list of wishes for the upcoming year

FOR DARIAN DURANT -  Stay or go, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will live on without you like they have without the likes of Dressler, Chick, Jurasin, Austin and many others over the years. May you stay in Rider colours for a few more years, and you may stay employed by the organization in some capacity once your days are over.

FOR THE REGINA PATS -  That you get to see what Windsor, Ontario is like in the month of May, and that plans for what is expected to be a tremendous 100th Memorial Cup move forward

FOR NOAH PICTON  -  A repeat of 2016 and the hope that someone in the CFL starts to do something about the Canadian quarterback in the Canadian game. Time is running out.

FOR STEVE BRYCE - No sophomore jinx

FOR THE CALGARY STAMPEDERS -  A seven win season

FOR CFL FANS - A game we can watch and enjoy again.  Your game is broken and it shouldn't be. Please make the appropriate fixes! The fact we are a month into the off-season, and there has been very little from you makes me wonder.

FOR HENRY BURRIS - That you're days in the CFL are over. Do a Peyton Manning and go out on top. There is nothing left for you to do.  Unless of course, you wanted to apply to be commissioner because well you know.

FOR THE U OF R COUGARS WOMENS BASKETBALL TEAM - A 2nd national championship. Yes, it would mean I would have to tone down the grief I give to Dave Taylor, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.........................for a while!

FOR THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -  An offensive line. Ben Heenan, are you sure you don't want to give Pete Carroll a call? C'mon! I'm guessing Big Ben is better right now after not having played all year than the stiffs masquerading as o-linemen for that team right now.

FOR EDMONTON OILERS FANS - That in its first year of existence, Rogers Place does what Rexall Place didn't do in its last years. That is play host to a playoff game.  This just might happen and may prompt a 3rd visit to that facility in the spring.

FOR TSN - To please realize that you don't need to put the same program on 4 of your 5 channels.  Love the 5 channels, but the same thing doesn't have to be on all of them.  You could also refresh the CFL panel a little bit in the off-season. Keep the guys you have for Friday Night Football and bring in new blood for weekend or Thursday games.

FOR TIM AND SID -  To be replaced by Jackie Redmond!!

FOR HIGH IMPACT WRESTLER ALEXANDER PRIME -  That you find an opportunity to take your game to the next level. If it happens, you could see the kid on NXT within the next couple of years. He is a talent in the making.  So is fellow HIW wrestler Mike McSugar, but in a completely different way. The "man" is quite amusing when he wants to be.

FOR THE CHICAGO CUBS -  A repeat performance from 2016, but please let's not take it to extra innings in Game 7 of the World Series. That was almost too much for this blogger to take.

FOR THE REGINA THUNDER - To find a way back to the PFC Final. It has been three years in a row the team has been tripped up in the semis.  More games at Leibel Field would be nice too.

FOR REGINA DRIVERS - That many of you discover what your signal light is for!

FOR READERS OF THIS AND THAT - A Happy 2017! Thanks for reading, and that includes all members of the Anonymous family.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Scruffdog!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice to see the Stamps struggle!


Anonymous said...


The Swift Current Broncos bus crash was 30 years ago today.

R.I.P. 8,9,11 and 22.

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Anonymous said...

x 2 on TSN

Anonymous said...

How about a wish for the Riders---that we put Chris Jones on the first bus out of town.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hilltops support Mitch

Anonymous said...

30 years!

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Anonymous said...

How about a wish for the Riders---that we put Chris Jones on the first bus out of town.


I couldn't have said it better myself.