Friday, December 9, 2016

This And That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--3DownNation  put out a list of players this week who could seek NFL employment. The list includes Bryan Burnham of the Lions, Derel Walker of the Eskimos and the Riders Jeff Knox Junior. I don't know what his contract status is, but you can't tell me Bo Levi Mitchell doesn't have NFL aspirations. Like him or not, you have to admit the CFL's MOP this season is better than half of the slugs in the NFL who are back-ups or third stringers---especially third stringers. What is his contract status? Does the fact his head coach Dave Dickenson never got the career he wanted in the NFL weigh into the equation? You can't tell me Bo Levi hasn't had NFL discussions with Dickenson.  Other QB's in this league have tried their luck south of the border and have failed. Bo Levi could do that or he could succeed. I seem to think it might be the latter when I see some of the guys masquerading as NFL quarterbacks right now. I guess time will tell. 

--I like the Justin Cox contract extension by the Riders. Yes, the guy has a rapsheet, but to my knowledge, he has kept his nose clean here. If he does something that isn't right, I would hope the Riders would do the right thing and cut bait. Cox can play the game and he is only going to get better. 

--The CFL has parity. Consider in the last seven years, there have been seven different teams hoisting the Grey Cup. 
--Orioles GM Dan Duquette was pretty blunt this week when he said his team had no interest in free agent outfielder Jose Bautista because his fans don't like him. I guess this means the Texas Rangers haven't phoned and as Sportscage Baseball Insider Craig Slater tweeted this week---we may now know why there isn't a lot of interest in Bautista right now because I'm sure there are a lot of teams who aren't pro-Jose. 

--When the Blue Jays were eliminated, Edwin Encarnacion stated "I love this town, I love our fans, I love this city" When asked about returning, he said "this is my first choice".  If that is the case, why turn down the 4 year, 80 million dollar that was offered? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, greed once again shows its ugly head and now instead of accepting a 20 million per year offer, Edwin will be lucky if he gets 15 million a year now the way it is going as his agent badly misinterpreted the market. Edwin isn't the first player to let greed get in the way, and he won't be the last. It does make you wonder though just how much input the player actually has when it comes to these negotiations. I am guessing if Edwin wanted to be in Toronto that bad, he could just say this is good,. He didn't...end of story! 

--On Tuesday night, the Buffalo Sabres beat the Edmonton Oilers 3-2 in overtime.  When it came time for Sportsnet to dish out the three stars, they had Connor McDavid at number 1 after having a pair of assists. This despite the fact Buffalo d-man Rasmus Ristolainen had a three point night with his goal being the overtime winner, At the game, Ristolainen was named first star with McDavid getting third star honours. Cmon Sportsnet, be better!  Who makes this call? Is it the Kevin Quinn-Drew Remenda duo? Is it someone else? Whoever it is needs to peel back just a little when it comes to McDavid and yes, remember I am an Oilers fan. Take the 3 stars from what is given in the rink please. By the way, the 6-5 loss to Philly on Thursday was hockey the way it should be played. That was entertaining despite the end result although I'm sure neither Todd McLellan or Dave Hakstol share my view. 

--There is some talk around the NHL about having a wild-card play-in game. That would see the number 8 and 9 team having a one game showdown with the winner moving onto the playoffs. Does the NHL really need this? The  playoffs are long enough, Why extend them? I understand it might keep another fan base or two involved right until the end of the season, but I just don't see the overall need for such a thing to occur.

--If the Vegas Golden Knights can't exist because an NCAA school has the same name, how do the Carolina Hurricanes exist when the University of Miami Hurricanes share the same name? What about the Lethbridge Hurricanes? 

--Week 14 NFL Lock of The Week --  Buccaneers over Saints 
  Week 14 NFL Upset of The Week ---Giants over Cowboys
(BTW: If the Browns are going to win a game this year, it will be this week at home over Cincy) 

--If you are going to the Pats game tonight, make sure to take a stuffed animal and toss it on the ice when the home team scores its first goal as it is Teddy Bear Toss night. While the Pats do many great promotions over the course of a season, this is the best one they have as far as this blogger is concerned.  Those teddy bears can put a smile on a sick kids face at the hospital or for a child who wouldn't otherwise maybe get a "stuffie" for Christmas.  The way the Pats are playing this year, it shouldn't take too long for the ice to be littered with what is hopefully thousands of teddy bears,

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend! GO SEAHAWKS! 



Anonymous said...

Bo Levi is signed until 2018

Anonymous said...

A wild card play-in game would be great!

Anonymous said...

Encarnacion reminds one of Durant doesn't it. #greed

Anonymous said...

Durant reminds one of Encarnacion doesn't it.

very very greedy.
To top it off, both are not worth what they ask. Especially Durant.