Friday, July 12, 2019

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order

--The Edmonton Eskimos appear to get it. As mentioned in Monday's column, like it or not attendance has been a major problem through the first few weeks of the CFL season.  It was even evident here seeing all the empty seats during Saturday night's game against the Riders biggest rival.

The Eskimos are attempting to make football more accessible by introducing two new ticket options for general admission and kids under 17.

They have introduced the Empire North Pass — a $22 general admission pass that will allow fans to stand in the area behind the north end zone, under the scoreboard on the benches that were previously covered by sponsorship banners.

The Eskimos are lowering ticket prices to get fans into the stadium. This isn't the first ticket promotion aimed at getting people in, but Edmonton realizes their attendance is down for whatever reason and they are doing something about it.   Will other teams follow suit?

--The Riders-Stampeders game was TSN's highest this year at 722,000. People across the country were ready for the two Western rivals to go at it.  It just begs the question as to why there were so many empty seats at Mosaic for the game.  You can't tell me there wasn't interest.

--As you know it is a bye week in Rider Nation.  A 1-3 start has the fan-base angered.   Surprise, surprise!  A win over Calgary or a somewhat decent performance would have had people feeling better about the football team, but the good feelings fans had leaving Mosaic on Canada Day after the one-sided win over Toronto were eliminated with the one-sided loss to Calgary.  Some saying the only reason they beat the Argos is because they are the worst team in the league.    Is this team better than its 1-3 record---yes they are. Do they deserve the record they have.  Yes they do!  It will be interesting to see what changes if any this team makes when they get back to work.  Some are needed.  We also need to know what role Zach Collaros will be in.  That decision would have been a lot tougher had Cody Fajardo played well against the Stamps.  For what its worth, I think Collaros if given the green light to go starts against BC on the 20th, but I also think the job should still be Fajardo's.  Would it be Zach's last chance?  You can answer that for yourself.

--I thought the CFL had a limit on coaching staffs.  We were told teams could have no more than 11 coaches on staff.  This just in---the Alouettes have 12 with the naming of Luc Brodeur-Jourdain as an assistant this week  What gives?  Do the Alouettes get a break because they are owned by the CFL?  The coaches salary cap is a joke, but when it is not enforced by the league it becomes a bigger one.

--Much was made over the fact the CFL didn't play a game one night after the MLB All-Star game because they would have had the stage all to themselves.  Why not?  If BC Place was available, the Eskimos and Lions could have played on a Wednesday night instead of Thursday.  Do these things even get discussed around the table?

--The BC Lions are a bad football team! How much longer till pouty Duron Carter shows up there.  I think we already started to see signs of it in the second half last night.

--Manny Viveiros is back in the WHL as the man who took the Swift Current Broncos to a league title in 2018 is now the head coach in Spokane.  I have to think his time with the Chiefs will be short as Viveiros deserves another NHL shot after what turned out to be just one year in Edmonton.

--One has to think Vladimir Guerrero would have won the home-run derby Monday night in Cleveland if he didn't have to go through two "overtimes" before advancing to the final.  To say he was mashing the ball around Progressive Field would be an understatement.  That was quite the show the Blue Jays 3rd baseman put on.  Toronto baseball fans are hoping its a glimpse into the future.   While the game on Tuesday was entertaining, the derby was the bigger show.  I think more baseball fans are excited for that event than they are for the game.

--Great question from Rod Pedersen.   If the economy’s that hard-up on the prairies, and fans can’t afford CFL tickets, why do the Rush, Roughnecks, Jets, Oilers and Flames sellout all the time?  It's a valid statement.

--How much longer until the Canada West football season starts?  How much longer until Canada West basketball starts?

--There are many teams that I just don't like.  The US National Womens Soccer Team is right up there. No conceit among that group. None whatsoever!

--Regina really needs a miniature golf course or two.

--Have fun if you're going to Country Thunder.

--Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Another predictable terrible crowd in BC. Terrible game as well!

Anonymous said...

Eskimos are being proactive. They recognize a problem.

Riders look for excuses as to why fans aren't showing up.

Anonymous said...

Good point anon number 2. Honestly I really don’t hear much Rider or CFL talk among my friends, family coworkers ect, and I associate with a lot of sports fans. I really think the Riders and CFL are losing their appeal. Fans value the entertainment in other sports over the CFL that’s why they get sell outs and the CFL isn’t.

I get it people like the numbers Fajardo has put up so far, but Collaros is still the better QB, and if he’s healthy enough to play the Riders should go with him over Fajardo. Right now Callaros gives the Riders more consistency and a better chance at winning. What’s that saying again the most popular player is the back up qb?

If Duron Carter keeps his antics up he could be the second CFL player to play on every team, but then again he has to have the production to surpass the attitude for other teams to want him. Too bad he could be so much better.

Manny Viverious back in whl... I read an article that after he was let go by Edmonton that he wasn’t interested in going back to whl, I guess the NHL isn’t interested in him coming back. Too bad he didn’t go back to Swift and help clean up that mess he left that organization in.

I wonder when people will start to recognize Jason Mass as a high end CFL coach?

Anon number 9

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the Allouettes be able to have an extra coach? It's the same as everything else, it's the great Canadian way. Cater to Quebec.

Anonymous said...

You could start giving tickets away in Montreal, Toronto, Or Vancouver and wouldn't matter. This league is in trouble and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones' shenanigans destroyed Rider Pride and many former fans have not returned, That's on Craig Reynolds, he hired him.

Anonymous said...

This is all the fault of Reynolds who hired Chris Jones(and let Jones go wild). Reynolds should be shown the door when contract is up.

Anonymous said...

It all starts at the top and that happens to be Reynolds. When is his contract up?

Anonymous said...

Jones took a 3-15 team improving each year and had a 12-6 team that finished 2nd in year 3. Unfortunately that was not enough for the Hill Billy arm chair GM.s.
I did not renew my season tickets this year after 40+ years, it was not because of Jones! The take it or leave seating option for the new stadium disrespected my support of the team over the years. No loyalty for long time supporters, that is on Reynolds and his management team.

Anonymous said...

Reynolds looks over the whole organization so I understand the frustration directed at him.

He needs to have a good chat with people in ticketing to talk prices and other things. He needs to talk with Evraz about concessions.

It isn't just here. A disconnect is occurring across the league, a league which is slowly eroding. Having a partnership with Mexico and other countries isn't the answer.


Anonymous said...

I think a more valid statement would be why are those games more fun? Rider games have become a 4 hour commercial with over the top concession pricing. (And this is my 30th year with season tickets, so I’m obviously not threatening to leave, but they question has to be asked)

--Great question from Rod Pedersen. If the economy’s that hard-up on the prairies, and fans can’t afford CFL tickets, why do the Rush, Roughnecks, Jets, Oilers and Flames sellout all the time? It's a valid statement.

Anonymous said...

another sub par crowd for Winnipeg last night and they have the best team I've seen there in ages.