Friday, July 19, 2019

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order

--Could the Saskatchewan Roughriders basically clinch themselves no worse than a crossover spot with a pair of wins over the next two weeks?  It may be a little premature to say that, but there is no reason to think the green-and-white should not be able to sweep the BC Lions and maybe put that team to bed at the one-third mark of the season.

With Edmonton having already won the season series and it being doubtful as if B.C can catch Calgary or Winnipeg, a pair of wins starting Saturday would leave the Riders two games up on their Western foes with the tiebreaker.   The Lions are the biggest disappointment in the league to this blogger.  They seemingly have forgotten they need to protect their biggest asset having allowed Mike Reilly to be sacked 17 times.  The optimists will tell you 12 of those 17 have come against the Eskimos.  The Riders have been asked about the Lions o-line this week, but they aren't biting for fear of bulletin board material.  If that o-line doesn't have the Riders in a feasting mood, I don't know what would.

--While he is back with the team, we know Zach Collaros won't be playing until he can come off the six-game injured list.  Rob Vanstone asked the question this week I have been asking since the end of last season when Collaros was concussed.  That question is when is it enough.  Rob believes the Riders should just tell Zach his time with them is over because of his concussion history.  I can't disagree.  While the Riders would still have to pay Collaros, it is time for the quarterback to say enough is enough.  We got into it pretty good on the Sportscage Thursday as Rob, I and Derek Taylor argued it back and forth with Arash Madani also chiming in  I see both sides of the argument, but at the end of the day for his own safety and future, I don't know if Collaros should take another CFL snap.

--How will Duron Carter be treated by Rider Nation Saturday night?

--What is happening in Montreal?  The firing of Kavis Reed as general manager was one that many expected, but not under the circumstances we are now hearing.  What was Kavis up to? It sounds as if it was a lot of no good.  Word is the CFL had had enough and told the Alouettes to make the move, but one has to think Kavis wasn't the only one involved and that others had to know.

President and CEO Patrick Boivin is staying tight-lipped, but you have to think he knows more than he says.  How couldn't he?  Whatever it is, one has to think new ownership wants a clean slate before they sign the papers.  In the meantime, Montreal Alouettes football flounders in the wind.

--The CFL wants to say it protects quarterbacks, but officials pick up a flag after Cordarro Law hits McLeod Bethel-Thompson who had clearly given himself up.  You simply can't do that.  You may not like it, but when the rule says you can't hit a QB who has given himself up, you can't hit him. Law does and gets away with it.  ?????

--What is Corey Chamblin's record as a CFL head coach since the 2014 Banjo Bowl when Darian Durant got hurt?

--Ken Campbell of the Hockey News is disgusted with the St. Louis Blues and what they are doing to the Stanley Cup.  Campbell says the Cup is not a dog bowl and should be treated with respect seeing it is the hardest trophy in pro sports to win with every player having a day with it.   This just in Ken----lighten up!!

If Robby Fabbri wants to have his dog eat spaghetti and meatballs with it, if Molly Bozak wants a Stanley Cup margarita or if any player wants to do with it what he chooses it is up to him because he worked hard to get his day with the Cup and his name on it.  The league has no guidelines so why worry Ken!  It begs the question, what would you do with the Stanley Cup if you had it for a day.  The answers are endless.

--How about the collection of head coaches in the WHL's Eastern Division.  Brandon's Dave Lowry joins PA's Marc Habscheid, Regina's Dave Struch, Moose Jaw's Tim Hunter, Saskatoon's Mitch Love and Dean Brockman in Swift Current.  That's an impressive group of gentlemen behind the benches.

--How much longer until the Rams and Thunder get going?

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Good read this week scruffy

Anonymous said...

I see both teams winning at home.

Not really sure what you do with Collaros, but he can't continue to earn a paycheque from the football team. The $$$$ you can save can be used elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I see Pedersen limited the comments again. What a fake! Keep trotting Lynch out there to the 80 or so people that "watch" his show. Now he's on social saying the Riders should trade for BLM. Just pathetic to see someone who was so good struggle to remain relevant.


Anonymous said...

Collaros was a mistake when Jones brought him onboard.

The Riders tried to get Harris and failed and were left with no choice but to bring Collaros back. Run with Fajardo and hope its enough to finish 3rd


Anonymous said...

A whopping 86!

Anonymous said...

Great chat with you, DT and Robbie V. I agree with Derek when he says if the Riders were to let him go, another team would snap him up. You can't tell me that a guy who makes his home in southern Ontario wouldn't be quick to sign with the Argos.

You also brought up where can Zack make the money he is making. Has he not stashed some of this away? I would think he should be on easy street already, but perhaps he has no clue what to do with his money and needs to keep playing.


Anonymous said...

Trevor must be a big RP fan!

Anonymous said...

Ken Campbell might "polish" the trophy as it sits on the nightstand. Boys will be boys and have fun with the Cup.

At least players don;t break it like they do the Grey Cup in the locker-room celly.

Anonymous said...

Aaron brings up a good point. How much $$$ has Collaros saved for post-football. Guessing he and others don't do a lot of that.

oldbaldguy said...

Hate the Stamps of course but the T.O. QB didn't give himself up til the last second and the hit was nowhere near as bad as others we have seen. Kim Murphy is a good ref and I think the call was ok.