Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Reed Fundraiser Hits $50,000 Goal

Fundraiser for George Reed hits target

Rider Nation has come through for George Reed.
GoFundMe page was set up earlier this month for the Riders legend to help him with some mobility issues he is having with the money going to things like a specialized knee-brace and some physiotherapy treatments.
On Monday afternoon, the goal of $50,000 was reached thanks to a $10,000 anonymous donation which put the total at just over $55,000.
The 80-year-old Reed played 13 seasons for the Saskatchewan Roughriders abd is considered as one of the greatest to ever play in the CFL.
He finished his career with over 16,000 yards rushing and 134 touchdowns.


Anonymous said...

Great fundraiser for a legend. Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Do we know if/how much the Riders put to this?

I am hoping the "anonymous" 10-grand is from them.


Anonymous said...

It's a feel good story for me anyway

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Scruffy