Friday, December 20, 2019

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order.

--Who is the best team in the CFL right now? Yes, the Bombers are the Grey Cup champs but are they the best team?  We are a long ways away from training camp and we have to get through free agency and the draft, but with all teams seeing a lot of players going to free agency, who is the best?

I would say if you have your quarterback under contract you are OK so that is the case for the Riders as Cody Fajardo is locked up.  As for some of the other teams like the defending Grey Cup champs, they have a lot of work to do.   It's what makes the off-season great.

--There has been some talk this week on the Sportscage about the top plays of the year for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.   Offensively, I can't think of a bigger play than the Cody Fajardo run for the pylon in the win vs Hamilton.  Defensively, it has to be one of the touchdowns scored in Montreal after hellacious hits by Derrick Moncrief and Cam Judge.   That being said, the most memorable play might be the Brett Lauther walk-off field goal vs Winnipeg and the run into Pil Country.  What were your biggest plays of 2019?

--Speaking of Lauther, good on him for calling out the CFL with their schedule.  Teams playing double digit games between byes aren't right in a nine-team league---a nine-team league that preaches player safety.  My question when you look at the schedule is who authorizes it on behalf of the teams.  Every team has its ups and downs, but it does make me wonder why the Riders get a bye in Week 1 and 6 before waiting until Week 18 for the last one. Other teams are in the same boat.

I also wonder how in a nine-team league you have home-and-homes.  I have no problem with the Labour Day matchups as those are tradition, but why do the Riders need to play Toronto back-to-back and then Edmonton back-to-back.  I will never understand that one,

Many want to know where the game in Toronto will actually be played as the league says it will be at a "neutral site".  I have to think it will be in Moncton as the CFL's best fan-base can travel to the Maritimes to show some and get some CFL love.  The league wouldn't think of going to Mexico to promote CFL 2.0 in late July would they?  I doubt it.  Moncton would be the safe bet for me.

Once again, the Riders will play three straight road games late in the season.  In 2019, it was because of the Heritage Classic.  What is going to be coming to Regina this time?  I don't see a return from the NHL.  If it is, that says a lot about the job Tim Reid and the gang at Evraz Place did the first time around.  Look at that sked carefully and you will see after the Labour Day game, there will just be two home games left. .

--"The Simpsons" has been around for 30 years! I was actually young when that show started.  If I could go back to those days now, oh how things would be different.  I am guessing many of you could say the same thing.

--Thank you to the NFL for scheduling three games on Saturday thus giving me no reason to leave the house on the last Saturday before Christmas.  I have no desire to go out in that mess.

--Week 16 NFL Lock Of The Week -- Colts over Panthers
   Week 16 NFL Upset Of The Week --- Bills over Patriots

--Taylor Hall or no Taylor Hall, I don't see the Arizona Coyotes winning the Pacific and that they will struggle to make the playoffs.  He isn't the answer.

--Now that Hall is off the market who's next?  I have to think J-G Pageau's days in Ottawa are coming to an end and I have to wonder if the Devils will try and move PK Subban.  What a disaster he has been!

--If Zack Kassian gets more than 3 and a half million per year in a new contract from the Oilers or any team, its a win for Kassian.  I can't see him leaving Edmonton as there is no way he will produce the way he has in Edmonton besides McDavid, but if he gets more than $3.5 mill its a win for the player.

--No idea why, but I have very little interest in the World Juniors right now.  That may change once Canada and the US drop the puck on Boxing Day, but right now I'm giving it a big MEHHH!

--Its good to see Rider Nation coming through for George Reed.  The GoFundMe campaign to help number 34 out has almost hit the halfway point of the $50,000 goal.  You know George appreciates it.

--That's all I got.  Enjoy that last weekend before Christmas!


Anonymous said...

If George needs financial help, I am more than happy to chip in $25 for the cause.

Interesting that the football team he played for hasn't contributed.

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg has a problem in the fact they don't have a QB under contract right now.

Reilly, BLM, Harris and Cody are ready to go. I'd be trying to re-sign Zack or Nichols right now if I am O'Shea

Anonymous said...

Guessing Mr. Reed isn't the only former Rider having problems in their post-playing days.

Never saw him play, but my Dad says he was something else to watch.


Anonymous said...

Beauty read as always Scruffy . I agree Taylor Hall is not what he was projected to be at number 1. Zona can keep him.

Anonymous said...

How many #34 retro jerseys have the Roughriders sold over the years?

Anonymous said...

Calgary is the top team in CFL right now the way I see it.
Riders have a lot of work to do to stay in Top 3, but mid Feb is a long ways away


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what the comment about the retro jerseys is all about. Would that person like to explain?

Anonymous said...

George Reed was #34. The Riders are still selling his jersey.

Anonymous said...

I didn't write it, but I think anonymous #5's comment is pretty straight forward. They Riders have made a ton of money off George Reed over the years.

Anonymous said...

The Riders have made a lot of money of off Mr. Reed's generosity over the years. Mr. reed is an unpaid ambassador for the Roughriders, he definitely has more class than the Riders do.They sell Reed Jersey's with nothing going to Mr. Reed. They sell Mr. Reed figurines with no compensation to Mr. Reed for using his likeness. Rider's have and continue to use Mr. Reed to there financial benefit. Classless organization.

Anonymous said...

This team started going south as soon as Hopson passed the torch to Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds certainly didn't learn how to be as classy an individual as Hoppy while working with him.

Anonymous said...

The play I'll remember the most for obvious reasons is Cody hitting the crossbar on the final play of West Final.

The play I laugh at though is the Lauther walk-off. So funny to see him run into Pil Country and chug a beer with the fans.


Anonymous said...

Randall says: a lot of people assuming that the Riders have not helped Mr. Reed with his financial constraints. And you know this, how?
Perhaps the Riders are assisting Mr. Reed, and have chosen NOT to publicize this? The Riders do a lot of things the right way, and are an important part of what we do in this Province; maybe they should be given the benefit of doubt in this case. It is Not fair to make rude and disparaging comments about them, without knowing the facts.

Anonymous said...

scruffy scruffy scruffy, never ever bet against the champion Patriots

Anonymous said...

Who is Randall?

If the Riders can publicize Humboldt, they can publicize this.

Take your head out of your a$$

Anonymous said...

Past experience with the Riders influences the comments.