Monday, December 9, 2019

Something To "Mitch" About

--The CFL coaching carousel is slowing down, but could it speed up again.  Paul Lapolice is getting another well-deserved opportunity to be a head coach as he will guide Ottawa, Rick Campbell is in BC leaving Edmonton as the only team right now actively seeking someone to lead them into 2020 and beyond.   I have to think they would have been in on Lapolice, but they didn't get him.

The question I have now is when do we hear about a contract extension for Mike O'Shea? The rumours persisted throughout the end of the regular season and playoffs that O'Shea would head to Toronto.  While there have been rumblings from Toronto about the Argos keeping Corey Chamblin despite their record, but there has been nothing official.  Are they waiting to see what happens in Winnipeg?  Perhaps a deal is done and the Bombers are just waiting for the right time to announce it, but one wonders just why something that should have been announced shortly after the Grey Cup win isn't done yet.

--Back to Lapolice,  The rumour mill is already chugging about him taking Matt Nichols with him to Ottawa.  Would Zach Collaros be a better fit?  Zach wants to be close to home in Ontario and we saw what the Winnipeg offence did when Collaros got under center.   Zach might be the better option.

--Rider Nation for the most part seems to be somewhat amenable to Jason Maas joining Craig Dickenson's staff as offensive co-ordinator.  They are of the belief that Maas the head coach is quite different from Maas the O-C because of the stress level involved.  I can buy that.   What I can't buy is the stories I am hearing about Maas wanting to help with the formation of the coaching staff and perhaps bringing some of his assistants from Edmonton to Riderville.

That is what Chris Jones did and it worked.  Jones brought over his guys from a team that had won the Grey Cup.  Jason Maas' assistants came with teams that didn't make the playoffs in 2018 and made the crossover in 2019.  I would do what you can to try and keep the coaches whose contracts expired and the ones you want to stick around a la Jason Shivers.

--I am told the Riders will be making one if not two big announcements before Christmas.  I have no idea what they could be, but the re-signing of Charleston Hughes could be one of them.

--What type of response will Kawhi Leonard get when he returns to Toronto on Wednesday?  Any fan that boos him should have their head examined if you ask me.  Without Leonard, who made no promises he would stay when he signed, Toronto doesn't win the NBA Championship.  He had a desire to return to California and he did.  End of story!

--I wish more NHL'ers were as outgoing as Drew Doughty.  His statement on Calgary over the weekend was something not many NHL'ers would say.

--The Niners and Saints played a CFL game from the 80's and 90's didn't they?  That game wasn't quite to the level of the Chiefs-Rams Monday nighter last year, but that was a lot of fun to watch,

--The Patriots had some bad calls go against them in their loss to KC.  Oh well! I think many don't feel sorry for them.

--The Seahawks picked a fine time to play their worst game of the year.

--The Canadian athlete of the year will be announced today.  It has to be Bianca Andreescu doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

O'Shea came out just after GC and said he would likely be back.

Anonymous said...

The officiating in the Chiefs-Patriots game was pure garbage! Don't mind one bit the Patriots get jobbed, but there's a bigger picture here. The game has become too fast for officials and replay doesn't help. The networks are just looking for every little mistake to magnify.

Anonymous said...

So what did Doughty say?

Anonymous said...

The hardcore CFL fans who sit there and talk about how boring the NFL is should take a look at some of the games we have seen this year and compare them to some of the sludge the CFL treated us to. That argument is over if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

The hardcore CFL fan that gripes about our referees should have seen the hose job the Patriots got last night.

Anonymous said...

Seahawks played their worse game of the year.... they are lucky they are not .500!! They just got pumped by a better team last night just like they were by the Saints without Brees and the Ravens. Don’t forget that they got some breaks in the first Rams game and the Niners game with their kickers missing high percentage game winning fg’s. Decent team that has an mvp qb, but way over hyped.

Anonymous said...

Love Doughty. What a beaut!