Friday, December 27, 2019

This And That

--The presents have been opened, the turkey has been consumed, the visits with family have been had. Now its time to determine what day of the week it is. 

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--OK Rider Nation, this was without a doubt the moment of the decade for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  After that though, where do you go?  What are numbers 2 and 3 in your mind.  One could certainly say the end of Taylor Field and the arrival of Mosaic Stadium would be on the list, but would they be that high.  I'd like your thoughts on it.

--The Canadian sports moment of the decade for me would be Sidney Crosby's golden goal in Vancouver to cap off the Winter Olympics, but there are so many to choose from.  What's yours?

--What happened to CFL Week?  The league used the labour problems as an excuse last year.  There are no labour problems this year!

--The NHL needs to amend its rule about pucks going in off skates whether it be a kicking motion or not.   On Christmas Eve, Derek Ryan of the Flames scored a goal in Minnesota that was waved off because of a kicking motion.  Hours later in Vancouver, Bo Horvat scored a goal against Edmonton that counted even though there was a kicking motion.  Both went to Toronto to be reviewed with one counting and one not counting.  ?????   Just allow it to be a goal. They've done that in the WHL this year haven't they?

--I am not as invested in the World Juniors as I usually am for some reason.  I am guessing once playoffs come around my attitude will shift somewhat, but there was no way I wasn't watching Canada-USA to open the tournament and as expected it was a ring-a-ding-dong dandy.  As I said on Twitter, I don't care if its a Timbits game or an Olympic hockey game, anytime Canada knocks off the US in hockey its a good day.   Alexis Lafreniere showed why he will likely be the number one draft pick in the NHL draft and there were a lot of positives.  Its a long tournament though so the rollercoaster is just beginning.

-If you are a college football fan, you can't tell me you won't be glued to the couch for Oklahoma-LSU and Ohio State-Clemson on Saturday.  Those two games, especially the one between the Buckeyes and Tigers should be classics.

--I don't know how much he can bring to the table, but there is something about seeing Marshawn Lynch back in a Seattle uniform that makes me smile.  That Seahawks-49ers game on Sunday night can't be any better than their Monday night game this year can it? If so, buckle in and get ready!

--NFL Week 17 Lock Of The Week ---  Saints over Panthers
  NFL Week 17 Upset Of The Week ---Raiders over Broncos

--Thanks, but no thanks.  Good for the Saskatchewan Rush that they have a deal with Global to show their games, but they are on tape delay.  I have zero interest in watching a sporting event (even if its the teams I root for) when its on tape delay.   If they are going to be live, that's another story.  By the way, I still see zero marketing for them in Regina this year.  If it's out there, I'm missing it.

--Guilty confession.  I forgot all about Tiger winning the Masters until it showed up on the Year in Review shows. Oops!

--Tune in to the Sportscage on New Years Eve.  I put together a year in review show starting from the semi-final loss to the Bombers in 2018 right through to the Western Final loss in 2019 with some of the great soundbites and calls from Derek Taylor and Luc Mullinder this past season.  As always, Saskatchewan's number one sports show as evidenced again in the latest ratings book starts at 4.

--The Pats are back at home Saturday night against Moose Jaw.  Back in my younger years when I was not in the Queen City, games at this time of year were games I did not miss as it was my only chance to see the Pats during the season. With the Warriors in town and the Pats playing better of late, here's hoping the Brandt Centre will be full tomorrow night and on New Year's against the Raiders.

--It warmed my heart to see some kids playing hockey on an outdoor rink Boxing Day.  At least there are some who aren't crushing their thumbs playing whatever game on whatever console.  It was either that or Mom and Dad said to get the hell out of the house and burn off some energy. There was nothing better in my younger years than playing some street hockey at school or wherever.

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Won't be popular, but the hiring of Chris Jones was a huge story in the decade.

Chamblin and Taman sold their souls to get the title in 2013. This team needed a charge and Jones gave it to them. Would the Riders be where they are today if someone else had come in? Don't think so.

HNY Scruff!

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Completely forgot about CFL Week. LOL

Anonymous said...

Reynolds giving the deed to the ranch to Jones would be the low-point of the decade.

Anonymous said...

Vanstone not going to like your upset of the week pick