Friday, December 13, 2019

This And That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order.

--It would seem now as if all CFL teams will go into Christmas having a head coach in place and as it stands right now, eight of nine teams have a GM.  The situation in Montreal is just a joke.  Does anybody want to be the Alouettes GM.  It would be nice if the team had an owner, but still.  Eric Tillman's name is being mentioned, Brendan Taman's name is being mentioned, Geroy Simon's name is being mentioned.  Why do I get the feeling none of these guys will be the one.

--As a CFL fan, what is the number one issue this league faces as the winter hits.  I don't know if Randy Ambrosie is going to have Randy's Road Tour Season 3, but if he does, what is the number one issue in your mind?  I have to think sagging attendance is front and center.  I still say that $$$$ are the root cause of that, but are teams going to drastically reduce ticket prices.  I don't think it is going to happen here.

--All is quiet in Riderville for the time being.  I keep hearing many different things.  Some of them have some validity to them, others don't.  I'll just keep things under my hat until they're announced.  Its better that way.  That being said, I continue to hear that there will be an announcement or two before Christmas hits.

--Scott Milanovich is back in the CFL.  Why does this league recycle old coaches? Nothing against Milanovich, but could the Eskimos not do what the Lions, Alouettes and Riders did last year and give an assistant a chance.  It worked in Saskatchewan with Craig Dickenson, and it worked with Khari Jones in Montreal.  It didn't work with Devone Claybrooks in BC though.  Roll the dice and give someone a chance to see if they can do it.

This just makes me more and more certain that if Chris Jones' employment ends with the Cleveland Browns that he will be back in the CFL quicker than you say WELLLLL!!   Jones doesn't really need the CFL anymore, but he won't turn down an opportunity if it comes.

--Congrats to Estevan for getting the right to host the 2022 Canadian Junior A hockey championship.  They will do a fantastic job in hosting that event.  If Estevan is doing something, chances are it gets done right.  You could say that about a lot of places in Saskatchewan.

--If Josh Donnelly isn't excited to know his quarterbacks coach with the U of R Rams will be Noah Picton than someone check his pulse.  Donnelly has a long ways to go to get into the stratosphere that some Rams quarterbacks have been in, but to learn from Noah will pay huge dividends for the football club.  Getting Noah on board is a major plus for the Rams.

--Week 15 NFL Lock Of The Week --- Packers over Bears
   Week 15 NFL Upset Of The Week --- Lions over Bucs

--If you are in an NFL Survivor Pool, is it over yet?  I was out of the three I was in a long time ago, but two of the three are done and there is still a lot of time to go in the season. Yes, it has been a season of upsets.

--The Edmonton Oilers are giving this fan a reason to believe they won't be a playoff team this season.  Despite their great start, they are now giving up goals in bunches.  How much longer till this team is on the outside looking in again.  Will they be in a playoff spot by January 1?

--What exactly did Jim Montgomery do to get fired in Dallas?  What material act of unprofessionalism as GM Jim Nill called it was committed to get Montgomery canned. It didn't involve a player and there was supposedly no racial or physical abuse so what was it?  I'm sure we'll find out soon whether we want to or not.

--I am guessing Gerrit Cole doesn't need to worry about buying anything for the next little while. That contract with the Yankees is obscene, but its not like the Yankees have ever handed out rich contracts right?

--Baseball needs its best player in the playoffs.  Anthony Rendon's signing with the Los Angeles Angels means Mike Trout is one step closer to being on a playoff team and that is good.

--The death of former Rider R-Kal Truluck at the age of 45 stunned everyone.  I remember the outrage when Bobby Jurasin was cut with Truluck stepping in to take his spot.  All R-Kal did was go out and get three sacks. The move was still unpopular, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. 

--Is it just me or has the excitement waned somewhat for the upcoming World Juniors?  I am sure once the tournament gets going and gets to games of importance, I will once again be invested, but I'm not right now.  By the way, I'm guessing Greta Thunberg won't be the only Swedish teenager getting yelled at once the tournament starts.

--I am all in favour of Andrew Harris getting snubbed for the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's top athlete.  There was no way he had a chance because of Bianca Andreescu, but voters let Harris know that his cheating was not going to be tolerated.  Had it not been for that incident, I am sure Harris would have received some votes.

--Councillor Jerry Flegel is pitching the idea of a new baseball stadium where the railyards now sit as part of the downtown revitalization plan.  If the cost is right, I'm all for it.  I would love to see the Regina Red Sox play their home games in downtown Regina and I think a lot of Reginans would like to see it as well.  Going to watch the Red Sox and then checking out one of the many establishments downtown or going to the casino would be great.  Imagine if you could get the Blue Jays to come to town for an exhibition game.  I am guessing both Gary Brotzel and Bernie Eiswirth are hoping this can happen.

--With the U of R on its Christmas break, not one team is above 500 in Cougarland.  That's not good.

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

My biggest question for Ambrosie is why he is so concerned about growing the game globally and not growing it here.

It needs to succeed in Canada before it is going to succeed in other places. That agenda needs to be slowed down considerably.


Anonymous said...

O'Shea and Walters are back in WPG.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder why Marc Mueller isn't getting promoted in Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Love Flegel's idea and I would embrace a ballpark in downtown Regina, but I realistically don't see his vision coming to fruition.

There are too many in this city who are against growth. This should have been done years ago and yet the land remains empty. This should have been where Mosaic Stadium should have been.



Anonymous said...

Ballpark by the Lawson on the old practise field area. lot's of parking close by at evraz place.
New arena downtown on the rail yard site makes more sense for concerts and Pats games.

Anonymous said...

Because Mueller just isn't ready.

Anonymous said...

Booooo 1-0 Leafs at Oilers after the first.

Anonymous said...

Arizona walks into Seattle and whoops em