Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coach C Issues a Guarantee

Riders head coach Corey Chamblin was his usual congenial self today as he spoke with the media about the status of Darian Durant, the amount of penalties taken in Montreal and this week's game against Calgary. Amidst the congeniality though, Chamblin made a statement that will have some in Calgary stand up and take notice as he made a guarantee when it comes to Jon Cornish. Listen in.

As for Darian Durant, it sounds like he's ready to get back under center..


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Anonymous said...

Why is he providing Calgary with bulletin board material? If one of the players said this, he wouldn't like it so why is he doing it? Not a smart move.


Anonymous said...

Interesting tactic!

Anonymous said...

Could this spell the end for Richie Hall? He didn't necessarily say player! If Cornish running for 100 means good bye Richie, I'm all for it!