Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eskimos Shuffle The Deck

Its official! The Edmonton Eskimos have pushed the panic button. Head coach Kavis Reed announced today Marcus Crandell has been demoted and is no longer offensive co-ordinator.  The new OC is -----yup, you guessed it. Kavis Reed!

Reed says Kerry Joseph will start this week against Hamilton with Mark Nichols serving as the backup and Steven Jyles the 3rd stringer.


Anonymous said...

Kavis Reed = offensive genius. NOT!!!


Anonymous said...

How much offensive knowledge does Kavis Reed have? I don't know who is worse--Edmonton or the Bombers

CFLjoe said...

I certainly hope they aren't trying to make Crandell the scape-goat in this mess.

Anonymous said...

I hope that they bring back Michael Bishop to complete the quarterback Carosel in Edmonton.