Thursday, September 13, 2012

This And That

I’m not one to sit down and watch a sporting event when you know the final result already. It takes away the excitement of watching the game and celebrating that last second win or complaining about why your team lost. That being said, I have loved watching the replay of the 1987 Canada Cup final between Canada and the USSR. There might not have been a better three game series in international hockey history. All of the games ended 6-5 and of course, it all ended with this….

Of course, in today’s NHL Lemieux’s goal would never have been counted because Dale Hawerchuk would have been called for interference. Oh well! This was hockey the way it was supposed to be played in my mind. I would love to see hockey played like this again, but it will never happen because too many have ruined the game. Yes, the players of today are faster and stronger, but this to me was a great display of how good hockey can be and how good it could be again if some people would take their head out of their ass and realize it.

I hope a lot of dads watched this game with their sons or that a lot of teenagers who maybe have never realized how good some of the players on the ice in that 87 final were. Gretzky, Messier, Bourque, Coffey, the KLM line, Brent Sutter, the list goes on and on.

If you watched the hockey, you have realized by now I hope that that is the last hockey you will see with NHL’ers for a while. The momentum of some great playoffs over the past couple of years has been scuttled by yet another lockout—a lockout that will I think cause irreparable harm to the game in the U.S. Canadian hockey fans will always head back to the rink, but will fans in Florida, Tampa, Nashville, etc. etc when their teams aren’t a winner. Does that mean this lockout could result in more Canadian teams? It could, but Gary Bettman is too stubborn for that to happen. Bettman is now officially the worst commissioner in professional sports history. For him to allow this to occur is unacceptable. To be fair, some of the blame must also to go players association boss Don Fehr who had no problem in letting a major league baseball season have an unfinished ending---yes, blame him Expos fans. The battle lines are drawn and when I see owners handing out one ridiculous contract after another and then pleading poverty , it just makes me nauseous as they want us to believe their hypocrisy. Players aren’t lily white either as they have no-trade clauses and other things to prevent owners from doing things with them but when it comes to who I blame in this whole mess, I have to say the owners. The bottom line is that those hurt the most are the fans---the fans that buy the Centre Ice Package, the fans that buy the team’s merchandise, etc. etc. etc. I don’t anticipate any hockey until New Year’s Day. Can you survive that long? If you’ve bought NHL 13, the answer may be yes!

Just some other thoughts

--The Riders have signed the son of former Bears MLB Mike Singletary and put him on the practice roster. Will Daddy come up to see his son play? Do the Riders need a linebacker coach? If Matt became a full time Rider, would Corey Chamblin ask Singletary to come in and give a speech of some kind? If the answer to that last question is yes, can we see it? Has there ever been a scarier player than Mike Singletary in his prime. One of the best to play in the NFL without a doubt.

--During last night's Packers-Bears game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be seen joking around during the game between plays with Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and defensive back Tim Jennings. How dare he do that!! Where is his committment level? He should be at the sidelines discussing the next play with his coach. Gee, I guess Darian Durant can do what Aaron Rodgers and a lot of other quarterbacks will do over the course of a game.

--Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is questionable for Sunday night’s game against San Francisco with a foot injury. Madden curse anyone???

--Mike Mayock was and is excellent on NFL Network games. However, the network is once again extremely guilty of trying to copy the other networks. “You’re A Beast” with a screaming Michael Irvin is a blatant rip-off of “Cmon Man” on ESPN while the decision to give Cee Lo Green an intro song was not only something that should have “The Ramones” turning over in their grave, but is a joke compared to NBC’s Sunday Night Football intro with Faith Hill. Cmon NFL Network, you are better than that.

--Andy Murray racked up a 5-thousand dollar bar tab after winning the U.S Open Monday afternoon. Was Prince Harry with him?

--I have only met Michael Fougere on a couple of occasions, but if he is not the best guy to lead this city and get elected as Mayor on election night, then there is something wrong---very wrong! He will continue to lead Regina on the positive momentum we are experiencing.

--Yes, I was under freezing so it wasn’t painful, but there is nothing pleasing about hearing the sound of your tooth being ripped out by a dentist.

--Word is a 2nd “Five Guys” is going to be opening near me soon. That’s not good!

--If you want to have some fun, check out the “Bethubb” banner to the right and start an account. Get some buddies together if you want and bet against one another on-line. I’ve got a bet on the Seahawks-Cowboys game Sunday and no, I’m not taking the Cowboys. You can bet on any sport and you can even be the one who decides the bet, so check it out if you want. It might be worth your time.

--Perhaps a bet next week is how long will it take for Jay Cutler to start pouting. I love seeing the Bears quarterback have a bad game and I love it even more when he spouts off before the game about how Green Bay’s d-b’s won’t be able to cover the Chicago receivers. How many INT’s did you throw again Jay? Go find a corner and suck your thumb for a while.

--The last few weeks of the baseball season are going to be great. They would be greater if I had a team in a fantasy baseball playoff. That didn’t happen this year. SIGHHHHHHH!!!!

----What should the Jays do with Ricky Romero?

--How much longer is Cory Boyd going to be an Eskimo and when he does get released, will that be the last the CFL sees of Cory Boyd? Then again, we haven’t seen the last of Jason Armstead so maybe I already know the answer to that. Speaking of which, is it just me or is there some kind of laziness there when the Stampeders bring Armstead off the scrap heap. Are the Calgary scouts unable to find a kick returner down south –especially after NFL cuts. You would think so, but instead they opt to bring in Armstead. Returning kicks is a little different than being a position player so the argument of the guy knowing the Canadian game is something I don’t buy.

--A few people have commented on the Sandro De Angelis interview about their stance changing towards him after hearing his interview and his excitement at playing in Saskatchewan. I can’t say I disagree.

--It was eerie watching Monday Night RAW knowing what had happened to Jerry “The King” Lawler. I knew that RAW was on tape delay in Canada, but I didn’t think that delay was one hour. When I heard the news, I saw Lawler going into the ring to fight and thought OH NO, this is going to play out on live TV. While it did, you would have to had to pay careful attention (which I did since I had PVR’ed the show) to what was going on.

--I laughed when ESPN ranked the Leafs as the worst pro sports franchise, but how could ESPN do that yet rank the Raptors higher when they are owned by the same group. In all seriousness, the Raptors are miles worse than the Leafs. At least the Leafs are competitive and have some name players unlike the city’s basketball team.

--I could go on, but that’s enough for now. Have a great weekend. Remember to check out the Bethubb banner on the right, start an account and place a few bets for fun. Why not!!!


Anonymous said...

If Singletary was as good as his old man, there is no way he would be playing in Canada. I remember another son of a Bears player who couldn;t cut it up here. Jarrett Payton!

Anonymous said...

The only hockey better than the Canada Cup of 87 might have been Vancouver 2010. The only difference was a best of 3 final in 87 and a one game shot for gold in 10.


Anonymous said...

Jay Cutler is the whiniest SOB out there. The Bears will never win consistently with him at QB because he pouts when the going gets tough. His 0-lineman should have slapped him one right then and there on the sideline. Why the Bears stick with this guy is beyond me!


Anonymous said...

How many guys on that 87 Canadian team are in or will be in the Hall of Fame? What a team, what a series and that last game was one that still gets you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, anon 1 is right. Its great that a guy that is an NFL HOF son is here, but to think he will play like his old man is a little unrealistic. If he could play like his dad, he wouldn't be playing with the Riders or any other CFL team and that's a guarantee!


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous BLAH BLAH...

Let me get this straight. You want Mitchell Blair to go away? Do you understand the concept of a blog? If you don't want to read what he has to say, then I suggest that you can fill that desire by simply not coming to this site, much less posting a comment on something that you don't want to see.

If your desire is simply to insult, then I will ask why don't you just go away?

Brad T

Anonymous said...

Mitch, what's the difference betwween Cutler chewing out an o-lineman and Rodgers chewing out his receiver after an INT. There is none!


Anonymous said...

Ted, there is a difference between Cutler chewing out his O-lineman and Rodgers chewing out his receiver. For one I believe Rodgers gets a lot more respect from his team mates in the locker room and around the league. Rodgers does not get furious very often while Cutler does it every Sunday when things get tough. Cutler also went and shoulder nudged his O-lineman in anger after the play and you could see the lineman laughing, after Rodgers got upset you could tell on the sidelines that it was no laughing matter.


Anonymous said...

I know its a longshot, but if Sheets were to ever get hurt, boyd would be a nice replacement. Tillman must have thought Messam was staying in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, you are bang on when it comes to Fougere. This guy is not a wingnut like many of the other candidates who are embarassing this city (IM LOOKING AT YOU CHAD NOVAK!!). If Fougere is not mayor, I shudder to think what Regina will descend into over the next 5 years.


Anonymous said...

Can't argue with Cam and I can't argue with anon 1 or Ryan either.


Anonymous said...

Regina getting a second 5 Guys? Many cities a lot bigger than Regina don't even have one! Regina is runner up to Winnipeg in the Fat Slob Ugly Pageant.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the brains of hockey have wrecked the game.


Anonymous said...

And on the day before the lockout the Canucks give that piece of shit Burrows 4 million plus a year for four years. Poverty, shmoverty! Burrows should be happy he is getting even a million.


Anonymous said...

Tillman goin to trade Cory Boyd to Montreal, Insurance against Injuries for Alouettes.