Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Regina Teams Looking For A Head Coach

Two days, two coaches of high profile Regina sports teams have decided enough is enough. The Regina Red Sox will look for their 3rd manager in as many years as Justin Eiswirth has decided to step down after just one year in charge. Eiswirth is stepping away for a variety of reasons after leading the ReSox to a repeat WMBL championship.

Meanwhile, Regina Thunder head coach Erwin Klempner is said to be stepping down although there has been no official announcement. Klempner has coached the Thunder for many years, but its been decided after a 37-0 loss to the Hilltops in the PFC final that he has had enough.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Frank McCrystal will be next, that would be the best thing to happen to Regina football since 2007 Grey Cup!

Anonymous said...

Clarification. Coach Klempner will be stepping down after contributing over 35 years of volunteer coaching; to spend time with friends,family, and to enjoy his retirement. Hilltops loss just happened to be the last game of this season.

Anonymous said...

Would the McCrystal hater care to expand on his comments?

Anonymous said...

Make no doubt about it, Erwin is being told to enjoy retirement after 35 years. If you can't beat the Hilltops when it matters, you can't stay. Enough is enough!