Monday, November 20, 2017

Chris Jones Reflects On East Final Loss and 2017

Riders HC and GM Chris Jones faced reporters Monday less than 24 hours after the 25-21 defeat at the hands of the Toronto Argonauts in the East Final to talk about that game, the 2017 season and where the team is going forward.

Amongst the highlights of the almost 19 minute session

-- This team has as much character as any he has ever been on
-- Despite the improved play in year 2 from year 1, the fact you aren't playing for a championship still stings
--The roughing the passer call on Kevin Glenn that wasn't called is a penalty as stated in the rule book and should have been called. It also was not the reason they lost the game
--Talks with pending FA Brandon Bridge have already started
--He will be sitting down with Duron Carter to discuss his future


Anonymous said...

From 5-13 to being within a 3rd down stop of being in the Grey Cup. Jones knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Glenn throws back to back interceptions after being pulled.
Who decided to put him back in???

Anonymous said...

Glenn like he often is, was getting eaten alive by TO's defence. He couldn't move the club at all and was in way over his head. His record in championship games is proof enough. Bridge had taken a hellacious hit in the previous set of down and was probably just getting his wits back. Those two Int's weren't Glenn's first of the game either! This guys throws int's when he is faced with a heavy rush. He's too short, can't see receivers, has next to no mobility, very slow delivery. When he gets all day he can slice and dice but teams no longer give QB's that kind of time. Today's QB's like mike Rielly take wicked hits and still play on. Glenn takes one of those and he's gone for six games.