Monday, November 6, 2017

Something To "Mitch" About

--The regular season is over, the playoffs have arrived and those who wanted the Saskatchewan Roughriders to get to the Grey Cup through the East have had their wish granted. 

Because of the Rams game in Vancouver, I did not see a play of the season finale against Edmonton. From what I hear, I didn't miss much. The words "putrid", "awful", "lackadaisacal" and "bad" were used to describe the 28-13 Eskimos win.  It means the Riders and Ottawa will meet in the playoffs for the first time since the 1976 Grey Cup.  The older demographic knows what happened in that last meeting. I will just leave it at that. If you don't know, learn something today and google it.  You will understand!

We will see the Riders battling Ottawa next Sunday with the /=S=/ wanting to make a return trip to TD Place on November 26 while putting an end to the REDBLACKS quest of being repeat champs and winning it all on their own floor.  How did the two teams do in the regular season.  Yes, each team won by one in the other teams venue.  That's about as tight as you can get.  The Riders go into the playoffs having the better record, but with Ottawa being the home team, I say they are favoured by  1 1/2 to 2 points when the line comes out. 

--Yes, if Canada's team is to hoist the Grey Cup it will mean having to win three straight games out East.  However, the fact remains that instead of preparing for a home game in the playoffs, they will go on the road.  If the CFL would go 1-6 which I feel is the way it should be even though others don't, you would have this scenario 

1) Calgary and 2) Winnipeg get first round byes 
3) Edmonton hosts 6) Ottawa and 4) Saskatchewan hosts 5)Toronto

I just find it unreal that two Eastern teams will get home playoff games and a gate while the Eskimos and Riders have to go on the road despite having the 3rd and 4th best records in the CFL.   How the CFL can sit there and say the Argos and REDBLACKS deserve a home playoff game baffles me.  You might be able to sell me on Toronto because they did technically win the East, but when once again the home team will have a worse record and fewer points than the home team, it does nothing for the CFL's reputation and only enhances it when it comes to those looking to shovel you know what over it.   Some are fine with the current format, and some think its embarassing. You know what camp I am in.  Let's just say Commissioner Ambrosie has a lot on his plate this winter, and this is an item which must be addressed.  It isn't the biggest issue in the room, but it is one that can't continue to be brushed under the carpet.

--What has happened to the Calgary Stampeders?  That team has become very ordinary all of a sudden and saying they are ordinary may be a compliment!  Rider fans chortle at Calgary's misery and for good reason.  That team has been soundly trounced at home in its last two games and they go into the playoffs riding a three game win streak. Can they turn around the ship in a one-game showdown against either Winnipeg or Edmonton.  You know both teams have lost any fear they may have had about walking into McMahon.. The same could have been said for the Riders had they not squandered their opportunity to stay West on Saturday. 

--What happened to the BC Lions? Their season went right down the toilet after the Riders bounced them at Mosaic one week after getting thrashed.  Something happened in the week leading up to that game in Regina it would seem as the Leos were never the same. I would be shocked if Wally is back on the sidelines, and it wouldn't surprise to see Wally say goodbye before Grey Cup week begins.  Who takes over? The rumour mill continues to suggest Geroy Simon will be the guy. We'll see!

--What will happen to the Montreal Alouettes?  Year 1 of the Kavis Reed era was a huge bust, and he will inexplicably get more time to turn around a team that was getting worse and not better.  What does Kavis up his sleeve? I have a few ideas, but I'm not going to name names at this time.  Let's just say Kavis can't afford to hit an infield single with this hire.  It has to be a homer!

--I think its safe to say that Steve Bryce doesn't have a real fondness for the UBC Thunderbirds.  Bryce's two years as head coach of the Rams has come to an end at the hands of UBC.   On Saturday, Regina fell 28-21 in a game that might have been different had they had a better start  Regina was down 26-7 at the half before completely clamping down on the T-Birds offence. 

While Regina did have a couple of chances to tie the game in the final moments, UBC got the plays they needed to have and advanced to the Hardy Cup final. If Regina could have the first 10 minutes back, they might be preparing for a conference championship game in Calgary next weekend.   As was the case last weekend in the regular season finale, when UBC got rolling, they were tough to stop and that was what happened in the first quarter on Saturday.  By the time Regina got their footing underneath them, it was too late. 

--Were there any good football games on Sunday as Week 9 of the NFL played itself out.  There were some games that were close, but were any of them ones that kept you glued to the TV.  The Rams and Eagles blew out their opponents as did New Orleans.  None of the games that were close ones were riveting ones though.  That is rare for the NFL.

--Congrats to the Campbell Tartans. They found a way to beat Leboldus in a city final preventing them from winning six in a row. Leboldus has nothing to hang their head over.  That was one helluva run and one that maybe you won't find happening across the country----at least not where there are programs as competitive as what Regina's high school loop is.  Campbell will now look to add a provincial banner Saturday at Mosaic. 

---Why did the Houston Astros have their World Series parade on the same day and at the same time that the Texans were playing?

--Why did the BC Lions schedule their last home game at the same time as the Canucks were playing Pittsburgh at Rogers Arena? Do these teams not work together? It's obvious they don't.  I just don't understand it. I don't think I ever will. 

--How many goals has Connor McDavid scored since his opening night hat-trick. Yes, it is hard to fathom, but number 97 has to take some blame for what is or isn't happening in Edmonton. 

--The Arizona Coyotes have won one of 14 games. Where are those people who said they would be better than Vegas?  

--The Blue Jays have declined their option on Jose Bautista making him a free agent.  Shocking isn't it! Toronto was the only team that had any desire to re-sign Bautista last year and that favour was repaid by Bautista by him basically having one of the worst-ever years for a Blue Jay in club history.  If no one wanted him last year, how and why would anyone want him this year. My feelings on this guy are well-known.  If he never makes another MLB plate appearance, it won't break my heart one bit. 

--That's all I got. Have a great week! 


Anonymous said...

Those words are good descriptions. I am guessing you heard about the snow problems and the defect at the stadium. That's a major oops on the city's part. Oh wait, an oops by the city. That would never happen!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the 1 thru 6. I have felt that way for years.


Anonymous said...

In the euphoria of beating Calgary 30-7 something got ignored.
Our offense got three field goals and a one yard TD set up by a turnover. The other points came on a kick return and a pick six. Our offense never did a thing in that game. I don't think our O-line won a play that day. They were beat up constantly but bailed out by special teams and defense.
When it's said that Jones pulled Glenn because of pressure what it means is the hoggies sucked.
Last game our O-line got worse when Brendan LaBatte went down. Unless this is fixed this week the Riders don't have a hope.
It's all on the O-line boys.

The Realist

Anonymous said...

I thought the Houston Astros had their parade on Friday, that was not the same time as the Texans game.

What do you mean none of the nfl games were riveting? I thought the redskins Seahawks game was interesting and the last 2 mins was exciting. with all the injuries that the redskins have going across the country and winning in Seattle I thought it was an exciting and interesting football game. The Houston drive at the end of the game against the colts was riveting maybe not sexy cause both teams have their qb’s on the shelf for the year. Dallas and kc was a good match up, ditto for Carolina Atlanta match up, I am really interested week to week to see how teams like the jags, saints, titans among others are doing. The parity this year in the nfl I believe has been like no other in my recent nfl memory. Really good season. Was a real interesting week of nfl football.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Kavis might have his eyes set on Lapo.

Anonymous said...

Nice call Saturday Scruff. You and Addy make a good team! Thought Rams would pull out one of those "Rams heart" wins that Frank's teams were famous for.


Anonymous said...

I think the 1-6 idea has its merits, but will the Eastern teams buy into it? How can you not give the top team in the East the #1 or #2 seed. It would be nice if the Eastern squads were more competitive as it has been this way year after year after year. I just don't see it changing though.

CB said...

I have no problem at all with the current CFL playoff format. Just leave it alone

Anonymous said...

McDavid was all/is hype. "The Next Crosby, Gretsky" yada yada. Not a chance my friends.
Overpaid star yes, but superstar, no way Jose.

Anonymous said...

Agree on 1-6. Makes no sense to me that two teams with better records are on the road next weekend.

Anonymous said...

How many years has Calgary played UBC for Canada West champ'ship? No doubt what two schools are head and shoulders above the others.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk more about someone failing to think it might snow in Regina when they designed your precious new stadium. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did no one see this being a problem? Maybe those who were in the room when these discussions were had are the same buffoons who designed the traffic and development in the east end.

Dean K

Anonymous said...

Tip of the hat to those kids at Leboldus for a great run. Nice to see you give them their due!

Anonymous said...

Why the Bautista hate? The guy is one of the best ever players to wear the uni. Its called age catching up with him!

Anonymous said...

CFL schedule comes out in February, NHL Schedule comes out in the summer. It's on the Canucks to change is if they even care.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone take seriously a league that rewards underachieving mediocre teams [East Division] that continue to be basement dwellers at best? A league that allows a player the number 0 [zero] to adorn their jersey. Canada Football Bush League - not to be mistaken with real professional sports leagues around the globe. Until this league remedies their image/rules for the better, it will remain minor league pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the NFL games this weekend. CB says there were some good games. The final point-spread is not indicative as to whether a game was good or not. That was some boring football this weekend. The Rams and Eagles dominated which didn't keep anyone engaged.

The best game of the day might have been in Dallas. CB talks about the Seattle-Washington game. That was bad football from Washington all day long and Seattle wasn't much better. The final two minutes don't make for a whole game.


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, the Astros parade was on Friday. During the Texans game, they showed video of the parade but the p x p guy said the parade had happened earlier. You probably saw that thus the confusion.

I googled it because I thought the same as you. That really would have been dumb.


Anonymous said...

McDavid used up already, played out! Milan Lucic need assume the captaincy of the Oilers. Connor needs to step down, or the organization immediately needs to rip the C off his jersey.